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7 Ways Your Food Choices Impact the Environment

Food production across the world does a lot of damage to the environment. And with a growing world population and increasing global temperatures, this is a problem in need of a speedy solution. Here are a few ways your food choices impact the environment…

U.S. Data Centers Lead the Charge in Global Sustainability

“While President Trump has pulled the US out of the Paris Agreement there is evidence that other entities in the US do not share the same sentiment.

The American South Will Bear the Worst of Climate Change’s Costs

Global warming will intensify regional inequality in the United States, according to a revolutionary new economic assessment of the phenomenon

Big Companies Step Up Efforts to Trim Environmental Risks in Supply Chains

Photographer: Nelson Ching/Bloomberg Bloomberg BNA — Multinational corporations say they are increasingly taking on a regulatory role in their supply chains to improve performance on environment, health and safety (EHS) issues, especially in developing countries where government oversight can be weak. Although EHS regulations…

5 Terrible Things That Happen When You Don’t Recycle

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, America produces over 258 million tons of waste every year ― which is close to a ton of trash per American citizen. The EPA believes as much as 75 percent of that waste to be recyclable or reusable,…