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Green Living Guy TV Segment on Sustainable Food

Below is my segment with NYC Media on Sustianable Food. We touch a lot of the things listed about the life cycle assessment and other things too!

I really also suggest to check out the Union Square Farmers Market! The most amazing food you’ve ever tasted For real!

Green Living Guy Green Cleaning TV segment on NYC Media

The NYC Media (yes it is a real television channel) in the City of NY about the City. So I ask you to check it out on TV. Its on the 25 and 55 of every hour to look out for it. Celebrate the…

10 Celebrities Advocating for Climate Change

Studies indicate that celebrity culture has a significant influence on consumer choices and lifestyle. In a fun and lighthearted manner, I have shared interesting facts on how each celebrity has contributed towards a more sustainable world.  I love that this idea  uses popular global…

Green High School Buddy Celeb Robinne Lee went 50 Shades Darker

I’ve known Robinne Lee since High School. When I ever saw her, she wrapped me in a hug. Welcoming, wonderful, beautiful, peaceful. content and yes beautiful are just some of the words that surround the energy of Robinne Lee. Now, anyone that’s made the…

Green Living Guy Breakthrough Model of the Year 2016 is Eleni Tzimas 

Eleni Tzimas, former L’Oreal model previously signed with Ford models and now with a new and amazing agency called Iconic Focus (you believe this guys and ladies?!) and actress (known for The Fire and the Wood) is an amazing Green Living Guy Breakthrough Model…

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