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Elon Musk Tells Governors About Solar Power plus US Gigafactories

Speaking to the National Governors Association summer conference in Rhode Island last week, Elon Musk gave the state solons their money’s worth. He told them that it would be possible to supply every electron needed to keep America humming by covering just 100 square…

Analysis Group report: No evidence that changing power mix endangers electric system reliability

Expert report by Analysis Group finds that low-priced natural gas, not renewable energy policies, is fundamental cause of coal and nuclear plant closures.

Urban Solar awarded contract by City of Tempe for solar lighting installations

BEAVERTON, OR – Urban Solar is pleased to announce the award of a contract to supply solar powered LED lighting systems to the City of Tempe, Arizona. The 5-year contract provides increased safety for Tempe residents and transit users, with reliable solar lighting systems…

My Huffington Post Test Drive Review of 2017 Prius Prime

What a fun car! No seriously. What a fun car! Here’s an excerpt from my Huffington Post piece on it.  The 2017 Toyota Prius Prime is certainly one to four steps up from the original plugin Prius. Besides the doubling of EV miles, the…

The Economic Benefits To Green Lighting

The most common complaints we hear about green lighting are that the technology is too expensive and simply “not feasible.” In our experience, though, no lighting retrofit has ever cost more than the long-term savings it provides. Note that this isn’t necessarily true with some environmentally friendly technologies, such as some advanced alternative-energy projects. In addition to slashing energy costs, switching to greener lighting can provide numerous other benefits, including the following.
Better Overall Economic Health

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