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How Your Company Can Start Being Greener

Being green is on trend, especially for businesses. Doing what you can for the environment is critical as everyone aims to minimise their carbon footprint. So, how can we decrease the impact a business has on the environment? It will require a bit more…

Best Eco-Friendly Home Renovation Tips 

Home building and renovation industries have experienced a large shift towards more green and eco-friendly options. With electricity prices rising at an alarming rate, people have started looking for other, more sustainable options. Green homes used to be considered too expensive for the average…

Dandelion Announces its First Installer Partner in Aztech Geothermal

Aztech to Install Indoor Portion of all Dandelion 2017 Installations  Whoop! Whoop!!  More great news from my sponsors Dandelion Energy aka Dandelion, a geothermal startup that recently graduated X, the research and development lab at Google’s parent company (I just love that), announces the selection…

Geothermal Energy Can Boost Low Carbon Economic Development in Central America and USA

While IRENA and Central American countries hold workshop to overcome geothermal development barriers across the region, we know clearly that it is the next new wave of clean green energy for the USA! For example, check out my newest partners Dandelion Energy!!

Tesla Gigafactory Pumps Out 1,500 Model 3 Batteries, Tesla Model S 75 Discontinued says CleanTechnica

If it seems like there is more news about Tesla than any other car company, that’s only because it’s true. More new stuff swirls around the Land of Tesla every day than at most companies in a month — or a year! As the Model 3 nears its first public showing later this week, Tesla is making one move designed to further separate the Model S from its lower priced sibling. It is discontinuing the entry level Model S 75 with rear-wheel drive.