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How to Select a Green Lodge when Traveling, Part 3

When looking at websites before booking any one vacation facility, what criteria should you take special notice of? The best places will highlight their best practices. These may include some or all of the following: • a mission statement (their purpose and goals) •…

Top 7 Tips for Eco-Friendly Travellers

With concern for the environment growing on a daily basis, many travellers are thinking twice before they plan their next big adventure. Most of the time, travel is wasteful. Pollutants are released into the air, fossil fuels are burned, and garbage is left behind….

How to Select a Green Lodge when Traveling, Part 2

How about ecotourism associations? Don’t they have member directories that anyone can see? Of course they do, though not all are open to views from non-members. But this is one way to do your search.

Keeping Green While traveling

By Laura Chapman Keeping it Green While traveling For those who are truly committed to maintaining the environment, traveling is no exception when making green choices. Nevertheless, staying green while traveling can be difficult in that fossil fuels and other environmentally harmful practices are…

Eco Travel Key to Fulfilling Vacations

Everyone is excited about vacations and each one of us dream of a fulfilling and rejuvenating vacation. Most of you tend to have clichéd idea about a vacation and usually can’t think beyond a visit to the mountains, a luxury cruise or an island…