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Infographic on Waste Plus Recycling Disposal Methods

What happens to your garbage after you get rid of it? If you’re like most people, you don’t give it much thought, but whether or not you know it, you’re thinking about it more than past generations. Simply separating glass or plastic from regular…

12 Great Ways To Recycle Office Waste

Harnessing and recycling office waste with potential for reuse, or properly managing the resources in the office will bring value not only to the company, but also to the fragile environment. It is important to be clear about the relevance of recycling as a…

Most Families Make These 4 Eco-Unfriendly Mistakes When Moving House – Is Yours?

Most people don’t think about the environment when they’re moving. Maybe you’re moving into a place with solar power and more efficient plumbing, and that will do wonders to reduce your carbon footprint in the future. The issue is often that the act of…

Recycle Old Electronics While Purchasing Gifts at Same Time!

Did you know that with the significant increase in E-Waste (used cell phones, old gadgets, old laptops, etc.) we’ve been accumulating? Those are the facts according to a new survey by Call2Recycle®!

Compost Is The Future

By: Elaine Hirsch
Thank you again for providing an interesting article on composting. In my town is seems to be that everyone wants to go green by composting. I mean to go green is many steps each day. To go green here is all about composting!!
Compost is the Future
More people are becoming conscious of their impact on the environment and the demand for environmentally-friendly products has been on a steady rise. A major concern is whether items will biodegrade completely within 90 days, or if they will remain in a sturdy plastic form in landfills for decades or hundreds of years. According to MBA Online, the most innovative companies quickly shift to cater to consumer demand. Innovative companies have stepped up to fill in demand as global awareness of pollution has become prominent.
One of the most exciting products that has been created is a compostable cell phone. Cell phones have become a large problem in landfills because they often have toxic chemicals in them and they don’t break down safely. Furthermore, with a growing majority of people owning several cellphones, the amount of processing chips and batteries thrown away continues to increase. Motorola, Sony Ericsson, and Samsung have all released eco-friendly phones. Samsung’s biodegradable phone is reported to be biodegradable, with 80% of the input materials coming from recyclable materials. Furthermore, the product’s packaging was made with environmental sustainability in mind.

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