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Green Living Guy TV Segment on Recycling

Anyone who knows The Green Living Guy appreciates my love for recycling!  This video I did with NYC Media shows you what’s up!  I give you some tricks you actually might not have known. So please check this one out. Yet here’s some of…

Drive Electric Hudson Valley Launches

Drive Electric Hudson Valley: Consumer Empowerment Starts Here! Will Your Next Car Be Electric?  Does it pay to go Solar and get an Electric Car at the same time? This New Program Helps You Decide! As New York steps up to the commitment to…

Electric Car Talk with The Many Shades of Green Radio Show

Recently I was interviewed on the Many Shades of Green Radio Show which also hit AM. Very exciting.  Here’s the interview. Here’s their info on the interview. Electric cars are cool, electric cars are fun, electric cars don’t pollute the air we breathe, so…

Woody Harrelson Partners With Step Forward Paper on Mother Earth News

Besides having the honor to speak to Woody about Step Forward Paper, I also wrote a story about his great company in Mother a earth news. Yet, he did not get a shout out types on the post! Sorry Woody and my buddy Dayna…

Green Lighting Talk With MSI LED Lighting President John Burke on Blog Talk Radio

MSi Lighting iPAR-38 LED Lamp

So I, the Green Living Guy interviewed John Burke and special guests from MSI Lighting. They will be talking about their products but also their results!! Leveraging their LED expertise, and in collaboration with the leading optic developers and LED manufacturers globally, MSi has…

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