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Ideal Destinations for Eco-Conscious Adventurers

Millennials are always keen for green, but Earth Month gives added impetus for travelers to put their money where their mouth is and choose accommodations that actively embrace sustainability. With that in mind, here’s a sampling of lodging choices in top city and resort…

Top 7 Tips for Eco-Friendly Travellers

With concern for the environment growing on a daily basis, many travellers are thinking twice before they plan their next big adventure. Most of the time, travel is wasteful. Pollutants are released into the air, fossil fuels are burned, and garbage is left behind….

CityFlats Eco Hotel Grand Rapids

With the interest in eco-tourism and ‘green’ travel on the rise, more and more hotels are working hard to achieve eco-friendly certifications to appeal to the growing traveler interest. So the people at Booking.com, the #1 accommodation website in the world, has scoured their…