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I was looking through old stories that I had written for other sites and realized that my old story about plug-in hybrid electric cars.

PHEVs need to be the standard for hybrids.

We can make electric cars out of clunkers. Conversions can be the cheapest and greenest way. Look, get rid of the engine, use the body, get it tricked out, use it around town. No gas, no oil.

Source: Jim Motavalli

This talk about coal and the like. Look, if you take a clunker and you make it electric, gram for gram of pollution, electric is by far the choice just based on the numbers alone.

If you make it more a renewable grid (which the current climate is moving towards in Copenhagen and the Obama administration) we are even cleaner per car. Anyone who tells you different is definitely selling you a bag of goods.

All this talk about what to do from every alternative-fueled vehicle forgets the fact that a PHEV biodiesel vehicle is OK with me and more fuel efficient than gas.

Electric cars rock. This is reality. Even Rush Limbaugh figured it out, and I am not calling him a bad name or an evil person; he is just right of center. However here is the trick — he, like everyone that places their butt in an electric car or a PHEV gets, electric cars rock. They are the gold standard and anyone who tells you differently is selling you a bridge from a man who lives in a trailer down by the river (ah Chris Farley; I do miss him).

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