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Switch Lighting, the only company with  the closest alternative to incandescent-quality light, announced today a brand new technology that produces the brightest warm light LED replacement bulb available. Using their “City of Light”™ technology, the bulb creates a self-cooling environment inside, allowing maximum brightness with fewer LEDs. With this technology, Switch Lighting is bringing to market the first true 75 watt equivalent warm white LED replacement bulb at an affordable price.

“The LED lighting market is being redefined—people want sustainable, energy-efficient light sources without a compromise in incandescent light quality or design,” says Boris Lipkin, CEO of Switch Lighting. “Switch bulbs can be used just like a regular bulb—in all directions, in almost every light fixture and with most any dimmer,” added Mr. Lipkin.

Switch is designing their LED bulbs to meet Cradle to Cradle® principles—continuously and cost-effectively recovering all materials from the used light bulbs and safely biodegrading or recycling them.  

“Components won’t necessarily be repurposed into another light bulb, but could be siphoned into the broader industrial cycle,” says William McDonough, who developed the Cradle to Cradle protocol with German chemist Michael Braungart. “The unique design of Switch bulbs signals the company’s intention to offer brilliant lighting as a service for humanity,” added McDonough.

Because of the unique cooling system, Switch light bulbs can be used in any orientation with no compromise to their 20,000 hour life (10-15 years).  Based on a 75 watt-equivalent bulb used in a home for 5 hours a day, Switch has calculated energy savings of up to $140.00 per bulb over its lifetime. The Switch LED bulbs use 85% less energy than incandescent bulbs and unlike compact fluorescents, they do not contain mercury. The purchase price payback in energy cost savings is realized in about one year.

With our unique self-cooling technology, we make the brightest warm white LED light bulb available. We offer the most affordable, energy-efficient light bulb on the market that is nearly identical to the regular incandescent bulbs we’ve come to love.” says Brett Sharenow, Switch’s Chief Strategy Officer.

With increased energy costs and governmental calls for energy saving measures, people are increasingly looking for solutions, but don’t want to give up aesthetics, including the instant-on and warm light of their regular bulbs. Switch’s “City of Light” offers the same look, feel and quality of light as an incandescent.

Switch Lighting is backed by VantagePoint Capital Partners, the leading global investor in energy innovation. Alan Salzman, CEO of VantagePoint Capital Partners says, “LEDs are about to revolutionize lighting and create an important new category of high-performing, clean lighting solutions.  We are proud to be part of the significant contribution Switch is making into how energy is converted into light.

Our proprietary technology shines with enough light to replace a 75W incandescent bulb in the familiar warm white color that we all know and love. Providing 1150 lumens in an LED lamp is no easy task, but it’s simple for the Switch75.

With a dramatically compact driver that fits into the screw base, there’s room for the unique thermal cooling solution to do its part and make the Switch75 a reality.  Our thermal cooling system does its work by cooling the LEDs on all sides, allowing the lamp to work in any direction, with no compromise to either the driver function or LED output. The driver’s circuit design is extremely efficient, noiseless, and compatible with most any dimmer.

• Highly Sustainable: Reduced energy consumption, performing brilliantly for thousands of hours, free of hazardous materials. All lamp components are completely reusable or recyclable, so no part ever goes into a landfill.

Switch75 was designed as a replacement for incandescent and CFL lighting in residential and commercial applications.

Power: 16W
Voltage: 120 VAC
Line frequency: 50-60 Hertz
Average lifetime: 20,000 hours
Color temperature: 2750 Kelvin
Light Output: 1150 Lumens
Color Accuracy: 85 CRI
Efficacy: 75 Lumens/Watt
Diameter: 2.73 inches
Height: 4.41 inches

Dimmable: Yes:

Light Appearance 2750 K
Energy Used 16 watts

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