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Electric Car Expert, Guru the Green Living Guy. Here’s when you find green living benefits of an electric car to Solar power and organic foods. Seth is a green living expert guru and Electric Car expert.

Seth Leitman, The Green Living Guy® has a blog reporting on everything about green living, sustainability to electric cars (Including for i8 BMW Plugin Hybrid Sports car and more).

His social media reach is over 8.97M on all channels combined.

Seth Leitman currently serves as Program Manager of Drive Electric Hudson Valley accelerating the growth of Electric cars.

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Seth’s books range from:

# Build Your Own Electric Vehicle by Bob Brant and Seth Leitman (2nd and 3rd editions)

# Build Your Own Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle by Seth Leitman

# Build Your Own Electric Motorcycle by Carl Vogel

# Green Lighting by Seth Leitman, Brian Clark Howard and Bill Brinsky

# Solar Power For Your Home by David Findley

# Renewable Energies For Your Home by Russel Gehrke

# Do-it-Yourself Home Energy Audits by David Findley

# Build Your Own Small Wind Power System by Brian Clark Howard and Kevin Shea

These green living guides focus on making Eco tech work for you. Seth’s published in Asia to Australia, Germany, France and the UK. Seth is donating the Green Guru Guides books to schools and libraries across the USA.

Green Living Guy Productions was launched to utilize social media, editorial content and videos for sustainable brands!

The Green Living Guy with his outgoing personality is referred to as “the guy to ask questions you’d be afraid to ask about “How to Go Green.””

Green Living Guy hosts a Blog Talk Radio show and has been was a featured expert on WPIX 11. He’s even appeared on four green living segments for NYC Media called Urban Green with The Green Living Guy®.

“ One Small Step at A Time” – Seth Leitman, Green Living Guy

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