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The Green Living Guy, Seth Leitman is an Electric Car Expert. He is also a Green Living Guru. For starters, Seth created the 9 Green Guru Guides with McGraw–Hill.

Direct link to Seth Leitman Author Page on Amazon

Seth is also an ECO PR Consultant. In addition, he’s the Program Manager for Drive Electric Hudson Valley in New York. Also, he has a prolific blog and more noteworthy is Seth’s personality. It’s clearly his personality and fun approach to green living. That’s what’s allowed him to even interview some TV and movie greats! Nevertheless some environmental greats to discuss Climate Change!

Leitman is In addition the author, creator and / or editor on 9 books with TAB McGraw-Hill called The Green Guru Guides. Seth Leitman Author Page on Amazon

“One Small Step at A Time” – Seth Leitman, The Green Living Guy

So here’s some of my greatest videos ever! Call them my Green Living Guy videos!

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To begin, above is the Amazing Green Living Guy video on Panasonic and their work with Tesla Motors. I announced their strategic alliance with Tesla to the world! The world!

Recycling segment on Urban Green with the Green Living Guy with NYCMedia video! Green Living tv on recycling!

Informative Green Living Guy in NYCMEDIA talking Sustainable food and composting.

Awesome Green Living Guy on NYCMedia TV on Energy Efficiency in the home!

Also, Fun all the time on NYCMedia and Green Living Guy on Eco cleaning for your home!

First off, here are some Green Living Guy Video Interviews with the greats!

Here is the Green Living Guy video interview on WPIX Channel 11 in NYC

Hilarious Green Living Guy On Regis and Kelly To Get His Back Waxed! from Seth Leitman on Vimeo.

Josh Fox, Director of Gasland talking about fracking and the problems with natural gas exploration.

Most noteworthy is an Exclusive Interview with Lester Brown and Coco from the United Nations Talk Climate Refugees and Sundance Film Festival. from Seth Leitman on Vimeo.

Therefore here is Lester Brown and Coco from the Climate Refugee division of the United Nations. Exclusive interview at the Sundance Film Festival for the movie Climate Refugees

Also, Green Living Guy interviewing Michael Nash from Climate Refugees from Seth Leitman on Vimeo.

In conclusion, here’s Seth’s book signing at the GROVE in Los Angeles.  Finally, his signed copy of my poster is still there.  Here is the interview with Tamara Henry.