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Hello my name is Seth Leitman and I am the Green Living Guy!

Welcome to the Green Living Guy website! I am an electric car expert and green living guru! I am also, the President of the Greater Hudson Valley Electric Auto Association.

Definitely love to speak to people about this! I can help you save cash on energy.

Here is Seth announcing the Panasonic USA / Tesla collaboration.

Green Living Guru

Now I have a a larger PODCAST AND TV show.

Author / Editor

Moreover, I am also an Author or Editor of 9 books with TAB McGraw-Hill called the Green Guru Guides.

Finally I now am with The Y Networks for Television. Watch the Green Living Guy Show on your smart tv by downloading the The Y Networks app or watch on YouTube.

More on my experience..

Did you know Seth announced the eco friendly staples product store too?

Also can we say Shout out to my sponsors EcoSleep.

100% organic latex and cotton mattress. “Best sleep I have EVER HAD IN MY LIFE!!!!! Ever!!!

Shout outs also to Hunter Douglas, Big Ass Fans,  always Panasonic USA and Tesla Inc!

Shout outs to another sponsor Blink Charging

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