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Seth Leitman is an Electric Car Expert and a Green Living Guru Plus yes!, The Green Living Guy. First of all, Seth has worked for the State of NY to become a green expert! From electric Cars to green schools to LED green lighting. In addition, from LED traffic lights to indoor air quality and other alternative fueled vehicles.

Green Guru Guides – Books

In addition, Seth also developed in 2010 the Green Guru Guides with TAB DIY as Consulting Series Editor. These green living expert guides focus on making Eco tech work for you. They are globally from the USA, Asia, Australia, Germany, France and the UK. Due to his love for education, Seth is donating the Green Guru Guides books to schools and libraries across the USA. More news to come on that!

As a result, Seth’s books range from:

Most noteworthy, Seth also is prolific blogger. As well, he has been on TV and videos representing major corporations.

The Green Living Guy® blog reports on everything about green living, sustainability to electric cars.

In addition to everything else here, Seth test drives all these electrified cars to tell you the public which are the best. Some of the most noteworthy cars have been the Tesla Roaster sport in 2008, Model S, Porsche Panamera Plugin Hybrid to an i8 BMW Plugin Hybrid Sports car. There are more he’s test driven!!

Furthermore, he’s covered about everything from energy efficiency to solar power to electric vehicles. Also, green fashion, organic clothing and more.

As a result and most of all..this is the website where you find green living benefits from an electric vehicle to green fashion.

Most of all, His DAILY social media reach is over 10M on all channels combined.

Due to Seth’s experience, he also serves as Program Manager of Drive Electric Hudson Valley in the New York accelerating the growth of Electric cars. Based on its success he was elected Founding President of the Greater Hudson Valley Electric Auto Association.

Green Living Guy Companies

Green Living Guy Productions launched in 2010 to use social media and editorial content and videos for sustainable branding.

Furthermore, Green Living Eco Consulting: (ETS Energy Store, LLC) helps people, companies and government to go green. We try to help clients Go and Save Green while Learning To Love Green Living while Saving Energy and Cash That Is!

Speaking and Spokesperson

Probably, due to his outgoing personality he is that guy to ask questions you’d be afraid about “How to Go Green.”

Green Living Guy also hosts a Blog Talk Radio show and has been a featured expert on WPIX 11. As a result of his ongoing popularity, he’s created green living segments for NYC Media called Urban Green with The Green Living Guy® during Earth Week in 2017. Click on the videos Page for more.

“One Small Step at A Time” – Seth Leitman, Green Living Guy

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