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Hi, I'm The Green Living Guy, Seth Leitman. electric car and green living expert. Seth helps fleets with electric vehicles, Microgrids, charging stations, energy efficiency and systems. Also, social media consulting firm for green companies. planting global forest and author.
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Panasonic / Tesla Collaboration

Seth proves his green living and electric car cred here.  For Seth announced and reported about the Panasonic and Tesla alliance.  He worked with Panasonic USA and Tesla to announce their work to build electric car batteries.  That’s as well as solar shingles and Powerwalls.

This collaboration was also announced in 2018 by Seth.  It was at the Consumer Electronics Show also in Las Vegas. It was a big deal because it was the first time these two companies worked together. This news is important for people who are interested in electric cars and sustainable living. Most importantly, the announcement was made by Seth Leitman.  For he is the expert on electric green living plus cars. The collaboration between Panasonic and Tesla is so exciting news!

Television / Acting


Now all electric performance by Seth on Green Living,  For he also launched on the GLG TV Channel. In addition, the first season is there and also the second launched. Funny part!

We currently have four seasons for Television. So please watch on our YouTube verified account. Talk about the electric green living expert. Finally, please consider subscribing,

In addition, I worked with NYCMedia and the City of NY.  For I hosted four episodes or TV segments as The Green Living Guy. The show was also called Urban Green with The Green Living Guy.


Green Living Guy Podcast

The Green Living Guy Podcast is a fun and also an informative show.  Most important and all about eco-friendly living.  Especially where you can learn about the latest news and also trends in the space.

The podcast is hosted by Green Living Guy, electric car expert Seth Leitman.  In addition, it’s also easily accessible on iHeart.  In addition to iTunes.  Also Stitcher, Amazon Music, and finally Art19. So whether you want to learn how to reduce your carbon footprint.  More interestingly or also just stay informed about eco-innovations.  For this podcast has got you so covered. So, if you’re interested in an green living guy, electric green living lifestyle, tune in to the Green Living Guy Podcast!

Green Guide Author

So, are you interested in learning more? Especially about green living? If so, I have some exciting news for you! First of all, The Green Living Guy is most noteworthy a published author.  That’s also and more noteworthy, 9 books to date.  For he is also an accomplished writer.  Thereby having authored or edited nine books. You also may be familiar with some of his most noteworthy titles.  All most noteworthy and published more importantly by TAB McGraw-Hill. These more informative books cover a range of topics related to sustainable living.  For that’s more importantly including:

  1. Build Your Own Electric Vehicle (2nd Edition)
  2. Build Your Own Electric Vehicle (3rd Edition)
  3. Build Your Own Plugin Hybrid Electric Vehicle
  4. Green Lighting
  5. Do It Yourself Home Energy Audits
  6. Solar Power for Your Home
  7. Build Your Own Electric Motorcycle
  8. Renewable Energies for Your Home
  9. Build Your Own Small Wind Power System

Welcome to the The Green Living Guy electric car website

Blog and Consulting website

Where all green news begins with electric car news.

My name is Seth Leitman. I am a green living concierge and electric car consultant. If you want to start with just being able to contact me regularly.

Besides blogging on green living news. Plus electric car news and other cool green living ideas.  So we talk about so much more here and have been interviewed all over. We also have a great resources section that can guide you in the right direction.

Plus, I am also a green living consultant! So Please Subscribe!

Some even call me a green living, electric car celebrity!

In addition, I am the President of the Greater Hudson River  Electric Vehicle Association. So that’s why I am also called the Green Living Guy!

My blog also has over 7,200 posts to date.  For we also report about electric car news.  In addition to green living and green living companies.  Plus, we talk about climate change, global warming and protecting our waterways.

Green Living Guy Test Drives Electric Cars

Seth Leitman is most noteworthy, a member of the automotive press.  So Seth test drives green transportation regularly on the green living guy website.  Especially each of these green cars for a full week.  Then I also explain what I learned.  For example, how green is the car, what’s the range, the specs.  So you get the benefits of an electric car with the Green Living Guy website. 

Worked for New York State

I worked for the State of NY before becoming a green living consultant and an expert on TV too! From electric vehicles to green schools to LED green lighting. In addition, my experience since 1998 in projects like indoor air quality and working on alternative fueled vehicles.

To learn more about my experience with electric vehicles on my green living guy website click here!

I’ve also been featured in and been interviewed for media and publications all over the world. So thank you for checking out the Green Living Guy website.

We are offering social media services under Green Living Guy Productions, a division of ETS ENERGY STORE LLC. It offers video, flogging, blogging, social media and most importantly tv productions.

Test Drive Green Cars – Member of Auto Press

So as a long-time green living and a member of the automotive press. For he who has been doing test drive reviewing and even placing eco friendly and fuel efficient cars since 1998. He’s been promoting them on social media since 2008.

Seth started posting his blog reviews on social media.  Then he did reviews have appeared on Yahoo,, the Huffington Post, Mother Earth News where he has reached over 300 Million people. He has over 400K followers (including email lists and growing) on social networks and has been asked to cover Tesla, Ford, Lexus, BMW, Volvo, Porsche, Toyota, Lincoln, Chevy, Buick, Chrysler, Scion by, Discovery Network, AOL, Huffington Post, Car Cafe, Triple Pundit and others.

To support his green journalism

Live Green CT for social media consulting

Social Media Reach

According to social media metric reports, Seth’s social media channels reach over 6.8 impressions per day. From March-May of 2014 it reached 40M impressions and in 2015 it was 90M!

Green Living Guy site reach: 7.9 unique visitors for 2022 and growing with 28M views. offers numerous consulting and advertising opportunities for advertisers and clients.  All to reach this valuable, targeted audience. Please inquire for current rates.

If interested in his consulting services, please check the rates below.

Since 2010, I have been at this for a while with Blog talk radio.  So I really was a pioneer with podcasts.  It was so much fun just meeting someone in person, recording the interview and uploading it to a format.  For I grew the podcast more than I could have expected.  However, I interviewed many people which will all be added to this new show.  Yet and again: it grew.  I mean it grew so much that I am now doing a PODCAST with Crossover Media Group. Crossover Media Group is so big and has an amazing list of shows they host.

So Get ready folks.

iheart radio has the green living guy podcast

green living guy podcast on spotify

So expect many more podcast interviews in 2023.  We are reworking the format so we can make it more engaging and in your face on this!

We are on iHeart, Amazon Radio, iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify and countless others.  Also we are platformed off of