The Green Living Guy
Since 2010, I have been at this for a while with Blog talk radio.  So I really was a pioneer with podcasts.  It was so much fun just meeting someone in person, recording the interview and uploading it to a format.  For I grew the podcast more than I could have expected.  However, I interviewed many people which will all be added to this new show.  Yet and again: it grew.  I mean it grew so much that I am now doing a PODCAST with Crossover Media Group. Crossover Media Group is so big and has an amazing list of shows they host.

So Get ready folks.

iheart radio has the green living guy podcast green living guy podcast on spotify So expect many more podcast interviews in 2023.  We are reworking the format so we can make it more engaging and in your face on this! We are on iHeart, Amazon Radio, iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify and countless others.  Also we are platformed off of

The podcast can be listened to on iHeart, iTunes, Stitcher, Amazon Music and Art19. As of late, his first episode has received over 25,000 downloads. That is with Mark Shulman (pink’s drummer)! In fact, the trailer to my podcast has over 30,000 downloads.  We even have Tim Masters from My Green Mattress to Andy Pace from the Green Design Center.  However we have interviewed some great people and will continue to interview more people.  The intent is to expand this show to over 250,000 to one million downloads regularly. So let’s go!

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