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When NY Weekly contacted us:

“Our social media services are bar none; our clients always explode off the charts after our work. Always!” says the passionate advocate of the environment. In the coming years, they are also about to launch several services that will revolutionize and expand their business over the next few years. With this, they hope to make their services more available online to more and more people. 

“I want people to know that in NY, I am a natural resource on climate change, the environment, global warming, green living and electric cars. So I am going to be bringing electric cars, buses and another great green tech to NY,” says the Green Living Guy. Seth Leitman is now calling for people working in the area to join in spreading the green revolution. One way is by listening to his podcast The Green Living Guy® by Seth Leitman. Yet, he and his team only aim to help more people go green.

LA Times

Media Planet press release for the LA Times

Long-time electric vehicle expert and green living activist Seth Leitman, also known as Green Living Guy, graces the cover of the publication. Speaking about the misconceptions surround EVs, Leitman explains, “Electric cars take only two years to go carbon negative on average. Gas cars and even fuel cells today don’t even come close!” Although the world sees EV as a luxury, it can save them money in the long run. “The maintenance costs for EVs are really next to nothing,” he adds. He’s hopeful that new laws and regulations from state and federal governments will turn the tide for renewable energy. “When collaboration gels, there’s nothing like it — greatness happens.”

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