5 Tips for Holding a Sustainable Event

If you have been tasked with organizing an event, there are many factors to take into account to ensure everything runs smoothly. Any kind of large event is notorious for generating huge amounts of waste, causing pollution, and using too much money.

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Creating an environmentally friendly occasion can be achieved by following the five tips listed below, helping you to hold a sustainable event.


When organizing an event, you must make sure your catering is sustainable. You can achieve this by considering locally sourced food and ensuring that you confirm the number of attendees accurately, which lets you adjust food quantities accordingly. Many events are notorious for wasting tons of food. So, it’s your job to be one step ahead and thinking about where you can donate excess food to once you’re done with it. Make sure that your suppliers are involved throughout and that they deliver all food in bulk with limited transport costs.


The venue and location you pick are critical for the sustainability of your event. If you’re passionate about reducing your carbon footprint, you need to select venues that have their own environmental or sustainable policy, as they’re far more likely to work with you and your sustainable plans. Make sure that you look into their recycling facilities, which will give you a good indication of whether they’re the right match to house your event.

Go Paperless

Thanks to digital technology, events no longer need to produce lots of printed material. Instead of sending out invitations via post, you can either use email marketing or promote the event on social media. Not only will you save tons of money in the process, but you will also be helping the environment. Smartphone technology is a far greener way to connect with delegates before, during, and after your event.

Pick the Right Time

The time of year you hold your event can have a huge impact on the environment. If you house your event during busy periods like Christmas or the summer holidays, there will be a ton of traffic that your guests will have to endure to get to your event. If you hold your event in a month where the weather is milder, you won’t have to heat or cool your venue. Regarding electricity, hosting your event in the daytime will mean you won’t need to worry about using too much electricity to light everything up.

Health and Safety

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, there are government guidelines that you must adhere to when planning an event. The health and safety of attendees and staff should be your main priority. So, enforcing social distancing and having hand sanitizer stations around the venue should be your first step. Macgyver, the only four sink handwash station, can work well for your event and reduce the risk of transmitting the virus.

Whether you’re holding a product launch, corporate event, or a networking fair, all the tips listed above can help you plan and run a sustainable event that has little to no impact on the environment.

6 Reasons To Hire A Professional Plumber

Because you spend a significant amount of your time each day inside your home, you need to ensure that everything is in perfect shape for harmonious living. You should frequently check the condition of your home from your floorings up to your roof. Along with this, you shouldn’t miss inspecting your plumbing, as a faulty pipe can lead to tremendous problems like flooding.  

You may tend to look past your plumbing, but you should remember that it plays an essential role in your home. When it gets broken, you can expect that you’d be facing a lot of mess. While you can always try to DIY, it’ll be best if you hire a professional instead. Their services may be costly, depending on your plumbing issues, but they’re all worth it. 

Professional plumber. Plumbing repair service.

Listed below are a few reasons why you should hire a professional plumber:  

1. They Can Do More Than Just Pipes 

Apart from your pipes, a professional plumber can also help with your sewer system, which could be dirty work.  

It would be helpful if you could learn how to maintain your sewer to lessen any issues that could develop in your home. However, if a problem is already present, you should hire a professional plumber immediately. You can search for one on the internet, like the A-1 Sewer and Septic Service, and they should be able to help you with your sewer issues.  

Fixing a sewer isn’t easy work, especially if you’re considering doing it by yourself. With a professional plumber, you can guarantee that they’d be able to get the job done without leaving any possible issues.  

2. Proper Tools And Materials

If you’re considering fixing your plumbing issues yourself, you should ask yourself if you have the right tools to accomplish your project effectively. When you hire a professional plumber, you can expect that they have every tool and material needed, allowing you to be at ease that they’d be able to complete the job well. The materials and tools they’ll use are up-to-date and will help you prevent any future repairs.  

With the proper materials for plumbing, you can have peace of mind that their repairs will last longer and won’t just be a temporary fix.  

Plumber with Plumbing tools on the kitchen. Renovation.

3. Provide Expert Advice

With their experience, a professional plumber can better inspect your pipes and diagnose a wide range of issues. They’ve gone through numerous training so that they can provide expert service for your household. Only professional plumbers can give you expert advice about your pipes’ condition and ways to prevent any further damage.  

4. Years of Professional Experience

A plumbing problem can be unique in each house, even for seemingly simple issues like clogged pipes. You can’t fully predict what objects you’ll find clogging your drain, but you can expect a professional plumber to draw from their years of experience to solve even the most unexpected problems. When you hire a professional plumber, you can anticipate that they know what they’re doing as they’ve been in the field for years.  

5. Deliver Numerous Services

When you hear the words “professional plumber,” your immediate assumption would be that the person’s specialty is in repairs and unclogging drain pipes. While they can do those tasks perfectly, that’s not all they can do. They can also help with installation and replacement, and still provide you with fantastic results.  

Hiring professional plumbers will give you the convenience of having one person or company take care of possibly multiple problems in your home. You can save time and money since you don’t have to look for different service providers for each problem.

6. Will Truly Help You Out

If you ever hired a casual plumber in your area, you may have experienced receiving substandard service. Most of the time, they’ll only provide a temporary fix to your problem since permanent repairs are beyond their abilities. Some even intentionally leave out certain problems unfixed so you can call them again to deal with the situation after a few weeks.  

With a professional plumber, you can be at peace since they’ll be doing their best to provide you with a permanent solution, so you don’t have to deal with more problems in the future.  


Some people choose to skip hiring a professional plumber due to budget constraints. While they can have a higher fee, their services are worth it as they provide helpful and permanent repairs. With a professional, you can be sure that they provide polished work and you won’t be experiencing any additional problems in the long run.  

Before you hire a plumbing service provider, ensure that they can provide the service that you need. Review any available feedback so you can guarantee that they’re one of the best in their field.  

5 Energy Saving Tips For Windows

Whether you’ve got a new or old home, it’s quite a necessity now to have energy-efficient windows. Anything that makes you save on energy is always a good idea. Whether it’s the cost savings you’re after, or the desire to live an eco-friendlier lifestyle, you won’t regret making this more conscious choice. You can even create a more comfortable environment at home by making that change.

Especially now that people are staying at home more than usual for school and remote working, all the more that problem areas should have to be addressed. The changes can be little or huge, depending on the current state of your windows and your budget.

Here are some of the best energy saving tips for windows:

1. Seal The Gaps

Before making that big change of replacing your entire windows with brand new ones, you may want to start by sealing the gaps first. Often, this is a very simple change that can be completed using sealers you’ll find at the hardware shop. Especially if you’ve got older windows, this problem is pretty prevalent.

But, you’d have to note that finding these gaps isn’t that easy. You have to start with a thorough inspection first, looking for areas around the window frames where there’s light. If this is difficult during daytime, you might want to do it at night, with the help of a flashlight. Another very effective way is through using an incense and holding it close to the windows. Watch where the smoke flows so you can see the holes.

2. Look For Air Leaks

The common air leaks in a home are obviously under the door. But, you’ll also need to find some of the other less obvious gaps that may be around your home.

Generally, you’ll want to hire a qualified technician for this job as it can be difficult to decipher accurately on your own. This technician will perform what’s known as the blower test, which depressurizes each room, showing where the air leaks are.

This is a very effective means to audit energy, which can help show the areas that need more insulation.

3. Add Window Treatments And Coverings

Window treatments and coverings hit two birds with one stone: they’re aesthetically pleasing and, at the same time, increase energy efficiency in your home. Most window treatments will result in energy savings, but the extent of these savings will depend on the type of window attachment and the season.

For instance, in the hot summer months, you may want to keep your window coverings closed to block heat. But, in the areas where it isn’t too hot, opening these to some extent will also bring more natural light in. The key is for you to create that balance.

Some of these window treatments are:

  • Insulated cellular shades. These are window treatments that look like an accordion, so it’s easy to fold them up and bring them down. These contain one or more air layers in each of their honeycomb cross-sections. Moreover, these honeycomb sections also act as an insulator to reduce the conduction of heat going through the windows.
  • Roman shades. These are relatively inexpensive shades, usually made of fabric, that can be drawn up or down in a series of evenly stacked folds. The heavier the fabric, the better the thermal performance.
  • Blinds. These are common window treatments that are more effective at blocking summer heat than the winter cold. So, they’re best applied to homes in locations that don’t have harsh winters, or none at all. These are also more adjustable, as each of the slats can be adjusted to control solar heat gain, light, and glare. With so many options of blinds to choose from, here’s a fitting day and night blinds guide to help you out.
  • Window films. These can block solar heat, and can also protect against ultraviolet rays penetrating directly into your home. This is the best option for homeowners who don’t want to have window treatments that block their view, but just want to control the heat that comes through their windows. Plus, window films also add a tad bit more privacy.
  • Awning. This is a type of window treatment that works from the exterior of the home. It’s a roof-like shelter that shades windows from the sun’s glare. This can also help add shade to outdoor spaces. The key is to choose an awning type that’s tightly woven and opaque. Otherwise, a light-colored awning will only attract more sunlight in.

4. Install Double-Glazing

Double-glazing refers to a kind of tint that’s applied on windows. This can help keep warm air inside the room, and cold air out. It can also help reduce the noise coming from the outside. So, if you live in a busy neighborhood, this is another investment that’ll truly be worth it.

This job is best for experts. But, despite adding one more layer of glass or tint to your windows, it’s still a cheaper and faster option than having to replace all of your windows.

5. Change Your Windows

Lastly, the biggest project among the tips listed here is to change your windows. If all the other energy saving options don’t seem to work, then it’s high time to change your windows.

There are many variables that come into play when deciding on the right windows for your home. Some of these include:

  • Framing material. When choosing this, it’s important to consider insulation quality, appearance, and durability.
  • Energy-efficiency. Of course, your new windows have to be energy-efficient, or, else, you’re just wasting money on new ones that work just like the old ones.
  • Cost. While this is the biggest project you can do to your home, it doesn’t always have to break a hole in your pocket. There are many types of windows that fit many budget spectrums.


Especially if your home is an older one, you might come to realize that your windows are no longer as efficient as they used to be. Perhaps, it’s so much warmer during the hot days and too cold come winter. These situations are hurting your comfort level at home and even your bills. So, if there’s any type of change you’re looking to do to your home, it’s a good idea to start with your windows. Think of the project as an investment that can make your home more efficient in the long run.

How to Effectively Treat Signs of Mold Exposure

It’s Everywhere

Mold is something that has been growing on Earth for millennia so it is unlikely that it will somehow go away. It is an integral part of mother nature and accompanies anything that becomes a part of her. All of our households, be those high-rise buildings, houses or ranchos are prone to mold as it has a superpower.

It can penetrate everywhere and form a colony remaining unseen but in front of your eyes. You will start noticing it gradually. First, you might think that it is just a dirty spot and schedule cleaning it for the next day or week. However, because the spot is small, you may forget about it. So, it will grow into something big and scary for you to notice it.

Nevertheless, mold will let you know of its existence indirectly too. This plant can also cause various health problems. Below are some symptoms that signal exposure to mold and how to effectively organize mold remediation. 

Shortness of Breath or Breathing Issues

In the beginning, you may think that shortness of breath is caused by some type of flu or cold. However, it’s possible it will not heal because the cause has been hiding in places that are difficult to access.

In particular, inflammation of the windpipe would be the protective response that your body will show to being “infected” by mold and trying to get rid of it. As inflammation refers to the body’s congenital processes of self-healing, any harmful guest from the outside world will be greeted the same way.

Bear in mind that if untreated, mold can even go the extra mile and generate other health issues such as fever and severe difficulties in breathing. This is especially true for those members of the household who are vulnerable or have oversensitive immune systems. 


As in case of inflammation, the body will activate the immune system, related to the skin, to protect the human at that level too. One of the common consequences after being exposed to mold is experiencing aches and pains.

If mold spores continue growing unnoticed, they can seriously affect children and the elderly. For example, children and toddlers can become restless if they continue breathing mold. Their condition will worsen if their bodies continue to respond to growing amounts of exposure. 

Changes in Mood

Again, this is something that can occur for several reasons. However, it usually goes hand in hand with the symptoms mentioned above. In the case of mold, mood changes play the role of the aftermath of being exposed to it.

By suffering from aches or breath issues, family members are less likely to be enjoying the atmosphere and their stay at home. As a result, these mood swings will act as a psychological protective factor to force them to leave the places that affect their health. For all of these cases, there is a great solution to feeling happy and healthy again. 

Introducing Mold Solutions

Mold Solutions can help you and your family remediate your problems with these adamant plants. The company has a rescue plan for all of your mold remediation problems and offers three types of services: mold remediation, mold prevention, and mold inspection. They act as a vaccine to mold that either effectively suspends its growth or destroys it once and for all.

Mold Solutions offer exceptional warranty to their customers and ensure to be both environmentally and pocket-friendly. What is more, they operate in Seattle, Bellevue, Kirkland, and surrounding areas including Western and Eastern Washington.

In case you are living in these areas and suspect that your house can be mold-polluted, make sure to schedule a check-up. Their professionalism will save you. 

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