One of the biggest hurdles that keep homeowners from taking the solar power plunge is the large amount of cash needed for the initial solar panel purchase.  This is why American Vision Solar™ is now offering its customers a unique opportunity under its new Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), to install solar panels onto their home with little to no money down, allowing them to immediately reap the incredible cost savings.

“American Vision Solar is dedicated to enhancing home energy efficiency, and we’re thrilled to be able to offer our customers such a unique PPA,” said Bill Herren, President and CEO for American Vision Solar.  “We pride ourselves on providing impressive customer service, which is why it was our priority to create an agreement that would truly benefit the homeowner.”

Just imagine, what if you didn’t have to purchase your power from Southern California Edison (SCE)?  What if you could choose to pay less?  The new ‘Solar as Service’ program from American Vision Solar puts this ‘power’ in the palm of your hands — providing qualifying homeowners with a choice to pay less for clean energy generated through solar panels  —  too good to be true?

Here’s how it works.  American Vision Solar works with Solar PPA companies who literally purchase the solar panels for you, and in turn act as your ‘local energy company’ – collecting your monthly utility bill (PPA Payment), as well as any applicable state/local incentives. 

Benefits to the homeowner are overflowing — no initial investment by simply letting someone else pay for the system, handle all the paperwork involved, plus the PPA Company will pro-actively monitor the system and be responsible for any repairs and maintenance over the 20 year term. Production guarantee, inverter replacement and full-system insurance are also included.  And the biggest benefit of all, your PPA payment is guaranteed to be LESS than your local Southern California Edison (SCE) bill without solar. Over a period of 20 years, the solar panels will provide a huge rate of return on investment!

So why not ‘go green’ if it doesn’t cost you any ‘green’ ($)?  Utilizing the clean energy brilliantly generated from the sun’s rays makes you a friend to the environment. In fact, there’s enough free and pure sunlight shining on America every hour of every day to power the world for a year. So the right question is, why not ‘go green’ if it actually saves you ‘green’?  The answer:  there’s no reason not to, it’s time to go solar!

Husband and wife team Bill and Kathleen Herren began providing homeowners with energy-efficient solutions with their window sales and installation company, American Vision Windows™.  Now, more than ten years and 30,000 satisfied customers later, the company has expanded its unmatched service to its other brands that will help revolutionize the home improvement industry: American Vision Solar and American Vision Garages™.

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