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At the core of every NexusEnergy Homes are tech and software. All a revolutionary energy management system providing homeowners the ability to better manage their home’s energy usage.

NexusVision is an integrated hardware and software solution that monitors both the generation. All via the homes solar system – and consumption of all electricity in the home. A proprietary, smart-grid compliant electrical distribution panel serves as the nerve center of the NexusEnergy Homes system.

Cause this centralized panel feeds power to the home. Thereby also monitors energy consumption throughout every room and level of the home.

Real-time energy data is provided so home owners have instant clarity about their homes. Including current energy usage and its impact in both economic and environmental terms. More importantly, the energy dashboard provides historic and trend data. Therefore all in terms the homeowner can easily comprehend.

That’s also with graphs therefore showing energy usage in kilowatt-hours (kWh) or dollars presented. Presented by week, month and year.

Also, the homeowner of NexusEnergy Homes can see the total cumulative environmental benefit. So cool. So so cool! Thats the benefit of their net-zero community. Most interestingly, all in the
rms of carbon and more interestingly, fossil fuel avoidance.

In conclusion and also in equivalency terms. For example, that’s so you can see how the energy is equal to trees planted. The power of NexusVision is its ability to give homeowners the information they need. Especially and more importantly, to better understand and then to better manage their homes energy usage. Finally, this unparalleled capability is standard in NexusVision, NexusEnergy Homes.

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