OTTAWA, Jan. 24 /CSRwire/ – Export Development Canada (EDC) today priced its first Green Bond in the principal amount of USD 300 million/. Thereby reflecting EDC’s commitment to the environmental aspects of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) principles.

First off, EDC’s current portfolio of green assets includes loans to companies active in the preservation, protection, or remediation of air, water, and/or soil or mitigating climate change.

Furthermore, The Centre for International Climate and Environmental Research (CICERO) is an independent research centre associated with the University of Oslo in Norway. It’s also endorsed EDC’s Green Bond Framework.

As written on their website:

In addition, support for environmental companies or projects and clean technologies is a strategic priority for EDC. Most noteworthy, as demand rises for goods and services that allow for a more efficient use of the planet’s resources. Opportunities to create trade are abundant in this sector. Canada possesses a large pool of established and emerging expertise in clean technologies subsectors such as water and wastewater, biofuel, and waste to energy, to name a few.
As well, eligible transactions will include loans that help mitigate climate change.  That’s with clean technologies and/or improved energy efficiency. They also include transactions that specifically focus on soil and / or help mitigate climate change. Therefore, their rigorous due diligence requirements ensure that all projects and transactions supported are financially, environmentally and socially responsible.

Finally, EDC’s Green Bond program is an area where the interests of investors and EDC converge.  In conclusion, it’s one that EDC is looking to develop and grow into a regular part of our funding program.  That came from Ken Kember who Senior Vice-President, Finance, and Chief Financial Officer. Most Importantly, the Green Bond is a nice balance to EDC’s corporate focus on clean technology.  So it seems an area that will feed new Green Bond issues in years to come.

For more information about EDC’s Green Bond program, visit the SEC’s website.

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