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RepRisk want to me new thing: CDP RepRisk!  For the leading provider of business intelligence on environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks. For it has announced that it will provide dynamic ESG risk data to CDP RepRisk. It’s an international organization that pioneered a global system for the measurement. Also disclosure and management of environmental information. For it works with investors. Especially to tackle the risk in their investment portfolios.

RepRisk will provide ESG data. All to support RepRisk final review of companies identified as Climate Performance Leaders using the RepRisk scoring methodology. CDP’s global index is produced at the request of 822 investors. Moreover, it assesses companies’ actions on climate change mitigation. In addition, transparency as demonstrated by their CDP response.

RepRisk’s data will add to the current evaluation process by validating company-provided information. In addition, clarifying how a company’s policies, commitments and initiatives translate into performance.

ESG risks so RepRisk is important

“Awareness of ESG risks continues to grow and indexes such as CDP’s help to spotlight and benchmark company performance,” said Alexandra Mihailescu Cichon, Head of Business Development & Marketing at RepRisk.

For CDP RepRisk is committed to providing resources that help business leaders and investors. Especially that make more informed decisions on ESG issues. So they are excited to partner with a recognized industry leader like CDP in this effort.


In 2013, CDP RepRisk created a new class of companies called the Distressed Environmental Assets (DEA). The DEA’s mission is to accelerate the rate at management decision-making towards using environmental metrics as a primary performance management tool. CDP RepRisk was also able to do this by establishing an Environmental Operations Center. One that also provides comprehensive data and monitoring solutions.

This data also enables organizations to have robust and transparent dialogue. Especially on the effectiveness of their environmental

Sources: RepRisk,@CDP


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