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Houstons’ tech firm OWDT has been recognized as a Green Seal TM Green Office Partner.

OWDT joined the Partnership to tackle the issues of sustainability and company waste while supporting the well-being of its people and reducing its impact on the environment.  However, OWDT management probably knows that sustainability also relates directly to profitability too.  Energy efficiency, Solar, or any green effort saves. Recycling puts products back into the stream for that waste to be repurposed into other products!  Less in landfills, fewer newer Resources to create because more will get recycled!

recycling in the workplace

OWDT is hoping to lead by example and show other small to medium-sized companies in Texas how they can green their office operations and reduce their footprint. This is an important step forward for OWDT’s CEO Kyle Mani, who mentions that as a country and as
Texans we all share some of the blame, and yes there are systemic changes that need to be made at the highest levels of government to solve these issues on a macro scale, and we put our faith in these people and trust they will make the best decisions to address these environmental concerns. At OWDT, we already were implementing greener ideas for our office and wanted to make it official. We have made great strides in implementing Green Seal’s requirements, and by joining their Green Office Partnership, we are aiming to take responsibility when it comes to energy consumption and office waste.”

Kyle Mani the CEO of OWDT reaffirms,

“We as Americans are less than 5% of the world population yet we consume more than 25% of the world resources.

We have created an unsustainable pattern. Therefore as businesses, we need a creative solution to cut down on our waste. We need to be the leaders that create ways to make sustainability a little bit more manageable. If we can make some small difference. For we feel we must do what we can.

Some of the solutions that we have implemented are reducing our paper consumption. Thereby reducing our electricity usage. Also we have created ways for our employees to reduce their greenhouse gases by carpooling on their commute. We are proud to have made the changes that Green Seal specified. Also and becoming a Partner has helped us in our goal of sustainability.”

Throw it in the … TRASH

As a newly-recognized Green Office Partner, OWDT Houston is demonstrating what some companies and professionals are doing to improve their communities and the planet by following green standards of operation, and is hopefully leading the way for other organizations
to become more environmentally sustainable.

Green Seal’s Green Office Partnership uses a straightforward checklist and virtual audit to verify that an office adheres to certain criteria for greener purchasing and operations. The Partnership focuses only on aspects within the direct control of office managers, so companies can participate whether they own or lease their space.

Source: GREEN SEAL, INC. or call 202-872- 6400, and for general
Green Seal information visit

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