5 Areas Where You Can Switch To Alternate Sources Of Energy And Happily Avoid Fossil Fuels

Why are we exhausting fossil fuels when we know how harmful are they for the environment and for the future generations to come? Pollution, extinction and what not! These are some of the many severe consequences that occur due to over-utilisation of fossil fuels. We consume fossil fuels as gasoline, electricity and in various other forms. Read on to know how we can put a stop to such unspeakable activities:

1. Electric cars

Commuting from one place to another consumes tremendous amounts of fuel. Be it gasoline or diesel; they all fall under the same tag- fossil fuels. Technology giants are investing in the electric car technology to enable convenient switching from fuel vehicles to electric vehicles because not only do they produce no noise pollution, but also ensure zero emissions. Currently, these cars are a little on the upper side of the price curve, but it sure is worth it because you only have to plug in and charge. Yes, no fuel costs forever.

2. Skylights

Do you know what skylights are? Roofs made from glass or similar material which enables natural light to enter the house or office are known as skylights. There are numerous designs and features of skylights. Some standard features are as follows:

● Temperature control system

● Remote controlled opening and closing

● Ventilation

● Aesthetic beauty

● Privacy

Say ‘no’ to traditional roofs to consume less electricity which will reduce the overall energy production and consumption ratio. Less consumption encourages less production!

3. Solar batteries and Solar heaters

Solar technology is trying to become the next big thing in the technology and energy sector because new products are being developed which require no electricity to run. They absorb sunlight and convert it into solar energy, and use it as a fuel to run all day long. Products in this category are increasing every day, but the most popular ones are solar batteries and solar heaters. Solar batteries are getting popular because at first, these batteries were only able to charge small objects, but now, as the efficiency of storage is increasing, they can be used for large objects too. SolarCity is one popular name in this sector because of their amazing approach towards solar energy.

4. Green homes and offices

Green homes and offices mean places which are running without fossil fuels. Wondering how that can be possible? What if you replace your roofs with skylights, temperature control unit with solar heaters, most of your energy outlets to solar-charged batteries and similarly, use wind energy to power your house? Will that not reduce your energy consumption significantly? Lowering your bills will not be the only achievement, but this will also reduce adverse environmental impact and encourage others to do the same.

5. Minimalism

In simple words, the word ‘minimalism’ means consume less to produce less waste. It is a lifestyle choice adopted by thousands around the world, and still, it is unknown to most of the world. Shouldn’t this be your approach towards your life? The areas mentioned above can be used as examples to understand why minimalism is the right path because as the population is increasing, our resources are getting depleted by the minute. Fossil fuels top the chart when resource depletion is considered because we are not consuming them, but exhausting them. Know where you go wrong before it is too late. Consume what is required not what is desired!

The circle of fossil fuels consumption and hazardous emissions will only be completed when either they are entirely exhausted or when we are!

Author Bio : After observing the daily habits of people across the world, Lauren Williamson aims to inform the society about the repercussions of our activities that are preventing us from preserving our Mother Nature.

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