Why Going Solar in New Jersey Makes Sense

Many companies are making the switch to solar energy.  As well, “some” large companies have sustainability committees or an executive devoted to exploring renewable energy. Most of us know that solar will be great for the bottom line, not to mention the environment. Read on to get a stronger grip on what to know. You should read this before taking the plunge into solar energy.

Furthermore, The Solar Energies Industry Association (SEIA) reports that in the last decade, solar has experienced an average annual growth rate of 68%.

This is because of the dropping cost of solar panels and installation.

Let’s not also not forget the government’s passage of the Solar Investment Tax Credit. Residential and commercial solar installations are expected to double from 1 million in 2016 to 2 million in 2018.

Also, non-residential solar installation is on the rise. Then don’t forget community solar taking a leading role.  Fortune 500 companies, including Apple, Walmart and Amazon have been in the news embracing clean technology for their buildings.

Therefore, New Jersey can boast that it’s 5th in the nation on solar. That’s when it comes to solar installation.

In addition, here’s 7 things important to know before making calls to a solar company:

First! There is no disruption to your business during or after the transition to renewable energy.aka solar.  You are connected to the grid at all times.

Second! Installing solar panels increases the value of your business and/or building.

Third! New Jersey’s payback period for solar is within 3-4 years of installation.  You’ll be able to cover almost 100% of the solar system cost by Federal and State incentive programs. This includes Federal Investment Tax Credits (ITC), an accelerated deprecation program, and the New Jersey incentive of Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SERC).

Fourth! The price of a solar energy system can vary dramatically (100% difference) based on the area, equipment used, quality of the installation company. Etc. It’s best to get quotes from multiple vendors before moving forward

Fifth, You don’t need to go out of pocket.  Solar companies offer financing solutions – such as a lease – that allow your solar savings and incentives to fund the project.

Sixth! Solar equipment comes with a 25-year warranty and maintenance contracts so that you never have to worry about a broken panel.

Seventh! You are tapping into an unlimited, clean energy source. This is good for our planet and for future generations.

Finally, With the right partner guiding you through what can be a complicated process, with multiple partners plying their services and wares, solar can be an incredibly lucrative option, not only for your business, but for our environment.

In conclusion, SolarKal is a solar advisor. One who was recognized as one of the Top 100 Energy Startups. They were also announced as a winner in New York State’s 76 West Clean Energy Competition. They help New Jersey companies navigate the transition to solar, from the first site visit to the final installation.  SolarKal.com

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