Canadian Minister Sohi Announces Major Investment Renewable Plus Tidal Energy Powering 2,500 Nova Scotia Homes

To start off, the Canadian government commits to making investments that use tidal energy. Their resources to make their economy more competitive while cutting pollution. These include investments in emerging technologies to tap the vast potential of marine renewable energy.

Today, the Honourable Amarjeet Sohi, Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources, announced $29.8 million for Halagonia Tidal Energy Ltd. in support of its $117-million project to give clean electricity to Nova Scotia. The project will cut pollution from power generation in Nova Scotia, which now relies on fossil fuels for a large part of its electricity needs, and create well-paying, clean jobs for Canadians.

The project, so cool, creates about 120 jobs. Furthermore, a nine megawatt tidal energy system. Then go for the combine on both floating and submerged turbines to work together. Thereby improving efficiency. It will prove the ability to extract energy in both shallow and deep water. Ultimately, the project will generate enough renewable energy to power more than 2,500 homes. Showcasing that predictable and reliable energy can be extracted from the Bay of Fundy is another step toward developing Canada’s huge marine energy potential.

In addition, this is a first of its kind in Canada. Also, the project will also prove the potential for further tidal energy projects. More importantly and give valuable experience managing electricity generation from tidal resources, reducing barriers to entry for the tidal industry.

In conclusion, the funding, which announced at the G7 Ministerial Meeting. The meeting on Working Together on Climate Change, Oceans and Clean Energy in Halifax. That’s part of Natural Resources Canada’s Emerging Renewable Power Program (ERPP) plan. A plan for promoting clean growth and fighting climate change.

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SOURCE Natural Resources Canada, Sept. 20, 2018 /CNW/ –