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Renewable energy is being constantly produced and replenished, it comes from natural sources and elements around the world. Preserving these types of energy is considerably much safer and healthier than burn fossil fuels as this type of energy tends to make for clearer air and a much fresher environment. The main reason for the uses of renewable energy is that it is better for the environment. Also it doesn’t have as much of a bad impact on Global Warming.  You know, as fossil fuels do. Therefore and as expected, the idea of renewable energy is also incredibly appealing. Internationally too, it saves a lot of money and is easier to tend.

We are extensively relying on fuels that will eventually run out and that in the mean time are causing damage to the environment. Therefore, sources of renewable energy are the best way forward.

It is aspiring many that we will have a future that is reliant on 100% renewable energy only, resulting in socio-economic development and a safer global society.

Conserving renewable energy will essentially tackle climate change. In addition, make for a better planet. That’s because these energy sources do not produce greenhouse gases. Gases produced from fossil fuels. Also greenhouse gasses are the causes of severe climate change.

The current renewable energy resources are as follows:

● Wind energy – This type of energy is a fantastic source for domestic electricity. Also it is affordable and very efficient. Installing wind turbines is increasingly becoming more popular around the world, America already has enough wind turbines to power around 11 million houses. At the moment, only 6 percent of the nation’s electricity comes from wind energy, however it is predicted that this could increase to at least 30% in future years. Wind energy is good for the environment as it is pollution free and consumes no water.
● Solar power – Energy taken from the sun has proven to be a much cheaper resource and solar panels is becoming much more prevalent. The great thing about solar power is that it is infinitive and will stay renewable. Solar power now has the capabilities to power all types of things such as radios and mobiles, even when you are out of the home.
● Geothermal energy – This type of energy comes from under the Earth from hot spas and steam reservoirs. It is beneficial as it is green and clean and will also give off heat constantly. The geothermal power plants remain safe and healthy as they do not emit much air pollution and comes in handy for use at any time of day or situation, unlike sun or wind that is only available at certain times.

Present Uses of Renewable Energy
Countries such as Germany and Denmark are already on their way to becoming completely dependant on renewable energy and have boosted their citizen participation. Many worries about the future of renewable energy. That and how it revolves around the job sector. As well as how it may affect employment. However, there is already evidence that these worries are irrelevant.

Germany is already increased in job availabilities. Yes folks with over 380,000 vacancies since 2008. The success of this revolution in Germany has resulted in over 800 million euros being invested. Invested into renewable resources by energy cooperatives. With this employment growth and the growth of renewable resources, Germany is expecting to have a big increase in tax revenue. That’s over the next few years.

Although Germany has had huge success, Denmark has been an incredible success. Denmark, with 100% of their energy now being renewables. They have been a fossil fuel free society since 2008.  So their local community has become much fresher and more energy-efficient.

It is important to note, we can depend on wind, solar and energy storage. Why? Cause these current energy resources with energy storage and energy efficiency are key. Energy storage is the key to having a renewable energy future. One that is sustainable and highly utilizable. Something that needs to be encouraged more for energy resources. All as this will ensure that we can use energy that will be powerful enough. Powerful to be used for electricity and heating alike.

In conclusion, solar panels, energy storage and other generators of renewable resources are getting installed. Therefore we are with a lot of green technology. Then smart tech as well for in household items.

All through the use of the energy savings and combining resources. As well as new ideas that may be generated.

Finally, what do you think of this blog? What do you think about the future of renewable energy? Please let us know in the comments below.

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