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Grand Isle Resort & Spa going ECO

They announced the first phase of its Do No Harm Policy by eradicating single-use plastics resort-wide. As a requirement for the new policy, all on-resort vendors must eliminate plastic completely. I mean or only use eco-friendly plastic that is completely bio-degradable in less than 18 days.

That’s so big a deal. For it’s extremely important to continue making moves to create an environmentally friendly resort community.

Lester Scott, Managing Director of Grand Isle Resort & Spa added: “By ridding Grand Isle Resort of single-use plastic, we are taking that next step in preserving of our islands’ natural environment and wildlife.”

As part of the newly-instated Do No Harm Policy, plastic straws have been fully-eliminated from the property and signage will be posted to encourage guests to reuse towels during their stay. In addition, resort staff participate in periodic beach clean-ups, not just on Emerald Bay Beach, but on neighboring beaches as well.

In addition, Grand Isle Resort works closely with Exuma Pride. That’s an organization that dedicates itself to creating a visible impact on keeping the island clean, maintained and sustainable. Grand Isle Resort participates in a variety of programs with the Exuma Pride. For that’s including beach cleanup, waste management, recycling, education and also public awareness.

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Source: Grand Isle Resort & Spa

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