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Earlier this year, Ford confirmed it will bring an all electric F-150 to market. The electrified model will have the toughness, capability and smartness that F-150 customers have come to expect.

As America’s truck leader they prefer to let their actions speak louder than words.

Linda Zhang, the All-Electric F-150 Chief Engineer, tested the capability of the all electric F-150 prototypes. She tested them by towing 10 double-decker rail cars and 42 2019-model year F-150s. Thereby weighing more than 1 million pounds and the length of three football fields.

Electric F-150Electric F-150

That’s Built Ford Tough yet text this electric F-150 prototype. Since it is towing far beyond a production truck’s published capacity in a one time short event demonstration. Never tow beyond a vehicle’s towing capacities. Always consult the Owner’s Manual!

Furthermore and as you know, in April they announced a $500 million investment in Rivian. As part of that Ford is developing an all-new, next-generation battery electric vehicle for Ford’s growing EV portfolio using Rivian’s skateboard platform.

All electric F-150All electric F-150 Towing trains using Rivian skateboard technology

On July 12, they announced more news in our alliance with VW that we’ll use Volkswagen’s electric vehicle architecture and Modular Electric Toolkit (MEB) to design and build at least one high-volume fully electric vehicle in Europe for European customers starting in 2023, more efficiently advancing its promise to deliver expressive passenger cars while taking advantage of Volkswagen’s scale.

This is all part of our more than $11.5 billion investment in electric vehicles worldwide. It also supports Ford’s commitment to giving its customers a broad range of electric vehicles including an all-new Mustang-inspired fully-electric performance utility coming in late 2020.  It is the first of seven electric vehicles coming by 2022 as part of Ford’s global electric vehicle investment!

Source: Ford Motor Company

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