With the recent price increases and reduction of fuel across the Western world, plug-in hybrids and electrics move forward. So now auto companies are moving slowly but moving. They have been discounting both their electric, plug-in hybrids and fuel-efficient cars in order to sell more. So buyers have a great opportunity to take advantage of the lowest fuel costs since 2009. Thereby making electric cars, plug-in hybrid and hybrids almost twice as efficient.

Honda Accord Hybrid Electric Car and plug-in hybrid electric car









Fuel Efficient Cars like hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric cars

Yes 2019 is slowly becoming the most profitable year to invest in an electric cars. However there are endless benefits that both you and the economy will benefit from.

Cost Benefits to You

At the start of 2015, newspapers all over the world published articles about the lowering of fuel prices. So they were stating that this oil reduction is an ongoing prediction. Therefore it’s expected to roll over into the forthcoming months.

 Kia Optima Plug-in hybrid electric EV Charging port
Kia Optima Plug-in hybrid electric EV Charging port

With fuel prices going up or down, electric and plug-in hybrid cars are on a rise. That’s because their efficiency has greatened. Thereby reducing the cost of running a car by a significant amount. Not only will your petrol bill be less than before, but you will save up to 38% in fuel. With an electric it’s more and traveling around a city. That’s approximately 19% traveling on the motorway.

By selling your car on websites such as  www.sellthecarusa.com, you can receive payment. Payment for your old car which will therefore further reduce the cost of buying a fuel-efficient vehicle.

Tax reductions are also offered on eco-friendly cars but most cannot take advantage of them. Simply the affluent can, so early adopters will be encouraged to choose the environmentally friendly option. With a reduced overall cost for running a car, choosing an electric, fuel-efficient, or hybrid car is the cheaper option. For more information about the reduction in car prices, read this article on why low fuel prices are resulting in low prices for green cars.

Economic Benefits

In addition, energy-efficient vehicles have created a name for being the ‘wave of the future’. So as they are changing the way that buyers are affecting the environment; from driving cars that produce greenhouse gases which have a negative effect on global warming, to driving cars that release small amounts of pollutants, reducing global warming, as well as not contributing to geological phenomena like acid rain.

Electric, plug-in hybrid, hybrid and fuel-efficient cars create less smog in the air from exhausts. Therefore they reduce the negative affect upon the environment. As well as being far less threatening to wildlife due to low emissions.

Finally, this article published recently in The Japan Times. It showcases Honda’s investment in creating a wider range of efficient cars with the aim to promote the benefits of plug-in hybrids and electrics aka cleaner vehicles. It also states how automakers such as Honda, “are pushing greener vehicle options as consumers benefit from the lowest gasoline prices since 2009.”

This article links to http://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2015/01/14/business/corporate-business/honda-invests-340-million-in-u-s-for-fuel-efficient-cars/%23.VL6HXUesVp8

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