Here are some of the best eco-friendly sports and activities to choose from that will make you fit in a very green way.

Do you want to get back to shape and take up an activity you can enjoy and even compete in? Well, you really have hundreds of sports at your disposal to choose from!

However, if you want to be sustainable and avoid certain activities that leave a big carbon footprint, your list of eco-friendly sports

will get significantly shorter. But, don’t give up on sports just yet.


Probably one of the greenest and most beneficial activities out there, running is good for the soul, body and the environment. But why is running so green? Well, it requires next to no equipment and you can do it literally anywhere. You can get a great run in your local park, running around your neighborhood or hitting nature. However it doesn’t really matter where you are as long as you’re moving your feet! All that you need for running are some good shoes and you can hit the road. And since there are great eco-friendly sporting gear brands, you can even pick out some green shoes! 


Another great activity is cycling. Cycling activates your entire body from your feet to your shoulders and it’s also low impact which means you can enjoy it even if you suffer from joint pains. Just like with running, you can just grab your bike and hit the road no matter where you are. From city cycling to off-road cycling, you can enjoy all sorts of environments on your ride.

So if you love to compete and pick up the speed, you can make cycling very interesting. However, it will always be green! And when it comes to your equipment, sure, you need a bicycle. However but you can grab eco-friendly bikes like those made of bamboo or grab second-hand steel models that will last you a lifetime. If you prefer longer trips, e-bikes are also green and they are also perfect for your commutes so you can leave your car in the garage.

In conclusion, SportsArt, the leader in sustainable fitness announces the launch of the world’s first energy producing treadmill the VERDE™G690. This treadmill is the latest cardio machine to join the company’s ECO-POWRlineup. All which takes human energy created during workouts and turned it into utility grade electricity. It’s up to 200 watts per hour per machine.


If you love the adrenaline more than anything in the world, you probably thought about skydiving many times. However, each plane requires constant refueling. This of course, leaves great pollution behind and creates horrible noise that can disturb the wildlife. So, if skydiving is something you’re seriously interested in, you might want to switch your attention to base-jumping. This requires no planes and you can get a double workout while you climb to your jump point. 


While skiing isn’t exactly clean and eco-friendly, the industry is making great efforts in order to move in the right direction. Many resorts are switching to reusable energy and there are many skiing gear brands that are trying to reduce pollution during the production of their gear. So, soon skiers will be able to enjoy this wonderful sport guilt-free! All in all, if you love spending time in nature and feeling the speed and adrenaline, skiing is a perfect activity for you. Just don’t let the adrenaline cloud your judgment—you just can’t hit the slopes without a proper jacket. While skiing will definitely warm you up, you’re still risking all sorts of cold-related injuries if you don’t have the proper wardrobe. 


If you love to spend time in nature, especially on the water, ditch those polluting and loud speedboats and opt for something more eco-friendly sport like kayaks. This sport is super exciting, especially if there are any faster rivers near you, but you can find fun on any body of water. Paddling will test all your muscles from your arms to your core and your legs and you’ll get to have a full-body workout without polluting the environment. Many kayak enthusiasts even have a mission to pick up any trash they see floating around, so you’ll be doing our environment giant favor! 


We know dude surfers spend a lot of time immersed in the natural environment. Look, that’s more than a lot of other sports. However, there are still ways surfing can become greener. Riding the waves doesn’t pollute the environment or disturb the marine life. Therefore your carbon footprint goes to the  production of surfing gear. That of course can’t be neglected.

Luckily, there are amazing new companies that produce boards made of wood. Another options is 40 percent recycled or biological materials. There are even wetsuit companies deciding to ditch neoprene. So they make their suits using chlorine-free rubber. Although it’s made primarily from corn. 


While professional soccer isn’t an eco-friendly sport. I mean how eco-friendly are players traveling  around the globe. As well as clubs spending millions on field maintenance. Folks, amateur soccer is more than green. All you need for a fun game of soccer is some grass in your local park and a ball. Also, goals can easily be made with two sticks. There are even green soccer balls made with PVC-free materials and stitched by hand. Plus, if you grab a model with a Fair Trade label, you can even benefit the kids and women living in third-world countries. 

You don’t have to give up other sports for eco-friendly sport and/or physical activities. Especially if you want to be eco-friendly and green. Finally and more noteworthy, PICK one of these amazing sports. Then you’ll get ripped in a clean and sustainable way! 

Morgan Rose Elliott is an aromatherapist, yoga instructor, animal lover. As well as a happily married mother with two kids. She enjoys reading biographies and writing poems. Also sunny days on the beach and any shape and form of vanilla. She’s of course Crazy about the ’80s. Finally, her favorite band is Duran Duran and she is obsessed with Netflix original Stranger things.