Broadly defined, a sustainable business is a business doing right and that is built to last.  It will survive the competition and the uncertainties of the market and it will continue to soldier on, getting bigger and more profitable in the process. Let us see for ourselves what are the most effective ways of building a highly successful company or any other business doing right is an enterprise. 

Businesses doing right

Hire the right people for the right jobs 

The most certain way of ensuring sustainability is to hire the people who will stay the course for the long haul. It is very important to note that your staff members are the direct representatives of your company at a holistic level. This is why it is so crucial to invest in hiring the perfect talent for the job. In a nutshell, your staff members should embody the core mission as well as the values of your company. After all, top-notch employees are every company’s single greatest asset. 

Make sure that you are in it for the long haul 

It is always human nature to look for shortcuts. However, it is imperative that you don’t take such shortcuts. In other words, don’t ever trade your short-term gains for long-term successes. You should also get outside validation for your plans and vision. These impartial people might be able to share certain insights that you might not have seen on your own. 

Look for the right opportunities 

It is important to seize the moment and opt for a truly great opportunity whenever it comes your way. Every now and then, a revolutionary industry appears and those who get on the bandwagon first and foremost, are able to reap the early adaptor rewards. Take for example the Cannabis industry as a whole. Many people have been reluctant to join it even as it has been gaining rapid popularity. In the words of Kim Rivers, the CEO of one such company: 

“It’s an incredible opportunity for folks to get in on the ground floor of what I certainly believe is a generational wealth opportunity.” 

Trulieve CEO Kim Rivers

Build your business on the strength of your belief system 

It is possible to change just about everything in your business, except for your core belief system, per se. The thing about building a business on the basis of your beliefs is that it is all about value creation. For example, should your beliefs be specific enough, it will help you to focus on your key strengths. As long as your business is centered around your value system, you will, in your turn, be able to provide value to your target market as well. This might create a groundswell of support for your products and services and ultimately help you create a highly sustainable business in its own right. 

Try to create a value proposition

Great products and services, not to mention the technology for creating high-quality goods exist everywhere. However, here you will have to figure out how to merge all three to ensure that you are able to generate value-added for your target market. Your marketing strategy should always be focused in terms of what your consumer base is looking for – and that is usually a solution to their problems. If your timing is right, you will be able to give them exactly what they want,  right when they want it. 

Never divert your focus from your strengths 

Let us be clear about one thing. It is not possible to deliver value to every client everywhere. However, you can focus on creating exceptional service standards for your highly specific target audience. If you don’t do that, then even if you have a really successful start it can become difficult to sustain your business in the long run. However, concentrating on what you know best will ensure that you will always stay on top of your game. 


It is possible to sustain your business for a long time if you become an early starter in a new industry. You should also concentrate on your core strengths, and hire the right people for the job at hand. Finally, you should add a clear value proposition for your target market.  

Author: Bella Clarks