First of all, holy global warming. Now global warming is a sin. For I saw this on EV World and had to just send it out.

I always remembered in Sunday school that we should be a green as possible to be as religious as possible.  Even my Rabbi told me recently that helping to keep our earth clean is a g-dly task.

But as well written:

In a couple of hundred years historians will be comparing the frenzies over our supposed human contribution to global warming to the tumults at the latter end of the tenth century as the Christian millennium approached. Then as now, the doomsters identified human sinfulness as the propulsive factor in the planet’s rapid downward slide. Then as now, a buoyant market throve on fear. The Roman Catholic Church sold indulgences like checks. The sinners established a line of credit against bad behavior and could go on sinning. Today a world market in “carbon credits” is in formation. Those whose “carbon footprint” is small can sell their surplus carbon credits to others less virtuous than themselves.

Climate change, global warming
Air pollution. Photo by Chris LeBoutillier on Unsplash

The modern trade is as fantastical as the medieval one. There is still zero empirical evidence that anthropogenic production of carbon dioxide is making any measurable contribution to the world’s present warming trend. The greenhouse fear mongers rely on unverified, crudely oversimplified models to finger mankind’s sinful contribution–and carbon trafficking, just like the old indulgences, is powered by guilt, credulity, cynicism and greed.

Carbon Trafficking

Now imagine two lines on a piece of graph paper. The first rises to a crest, then slopes sharply down, levels off and rises slowly once more. The other has no undulations. It rises in a smooth, slow arc. The first, wavy line is the worldwide CO2 tonnage produced by humans burning coal, oil and natural gas. It starts in 1928, at 1.1 gigatons (i.e., 1.1 billion metric tons), and peaks in 1929 at 1.17 gigatons. The world, led by its mightiest power, plummets into the Great Depression and by 1932 human CO2production has fallen to 0.88 gigatons a year, a 30 percent drop. Then, in 1933, the line climbs slowly again, up to 0.9 gigatons.

In addition, a key international body of the Anglican Church has declared the willful destruction of the environment to be a sin. Fir it is also part of a core group of Australian religious leaders. All that have placed their political weight behind a campaign to fight global warming.

Environmental Network

The environmental network of the worldwide Anglican communion has framed it differently. I mean all in an urgent and strongly worded statement. One to the church’s global leaders warning humanity has failed to fulfil “God’s will for creation”. As well as the imminent “perilous and catastrophic collapse” of the Earth’s ecosystem.

The advisory body calls for environmental education of its clergy, churches to be built to conserve energy and for pressure to be applied on governments and industries to build sustainable communities “beyond” the Kyoto Protocol and global warming. The protocol has not been ratified by Australia.

“We are becoming increasingly aware that the world is being harmed by us, and we know how to eliminate the harm we are doing,” the statement says.

This is breaking one of the most fundamental commandments known to us. I mean in that we are knowingly causing the degradation of the world’s ecosystems out of our greed and selfishness. All rather than living with and protecting the earth. Moreover design that issues from the creator’s generosity.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald and The Nation

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