Thank you to my sponsors and clients over the years. As the brand of The Green Living Guy also expanded it added greatly to the work we do.  So that means clearly that the company evolved.  It has also had many sponsors and clients through the years. With the immense growth of our social media. For we have grown leaps and bounds. Thank you’s are to the ones listed and also those that are not.  We thank all of them for their work with Green Living Guy consulting and the parent company, ETS Energy Store, LLC.  Please note, some listed are not current sponsors but have been sponsors.

Staples sponsor for The Green Living Guy.
Staples and I did some work back In the day. Some of the products they donated for my use are still being used today. Staples recycles used batteries. So they been a long life sponsor for The Green Living Guy.
Ecosleep is an organic mattress company that is a sponsor of The Green Living Guy, Seth Leitman
Ecosleep is an organic mattress company that did work with The Green Living Guy, Seth Leitman. Now we have their green organic bedding in every room in our home! Saved indoor air quality and our health.
Hilton Hotels was a sponsor

hilton hotels was a sponsor of the Green Living Guy for about a year plus

Hunter Douglas

Hunter Douglas provided me shades back in the day. Still using them as a sponsor.

Panasonic USA was a sponsor for over a year with The Green Living Guy




Panasonic USA and Tesla was an absolutely amazing sponsorship.  That’s where we announced their battery for the Model 3 (2170), solar shingles and their Powerwall.

Cox Conserves Sponsors

Cox Enterprises, which I’ve known is big time media.  In addition to communications and automotive services company! (Never knew that. Wow).

sustainable westchester brought on Seth Leitman to reignite EV program. sponsor

Sustainable Hudson Valley



Cox Conserves (parent  company) has invested more than $116 million in sustainability projects.

Green Guy. Also click here to go to The Green Living Guy Amazon Store! Consequently, Panasonic USA and NYCMedia brought Seth on to do TV segments to help launch their alliance with Tesla Motors. In addition and for NYCMedia it was four tv segments!  So these tv segments were for Earth Day and sponsored by the City of New York. They are called Urban Green with The Green Living Guy!

Donna Distefano

Donna Distefano has the most repurposed materials of any jewelry company I know. They also work with amazing celebrities!

BLINK Charging

BLINK Charging was a sponsor of the Green Living Guy. Known this company since the beginning.

Xos Trucks

Xos Trucks is an all electric truck company .

Merchant’s Fleet is a 20 year company helping fleets across the Country. Now they are leading the electrification of fleet vehicles.

Merchants Fleet