Today I can gladly announce that I’m teamed up with Panasonic USA to speak at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) this January 7-12 in Las Vegas baby!! I’m gonna speak about Panasonic’s integrated solutions in the sustainable energy industry from a high-level. You all know I have loved Panasonic since they connected with Tesla Motors. I mean Renewable Energy, Electric Car Batteries and Energy Storage!! Bam!!

Then they began to create the Gigafactory, 1 and 2. One is for the battery plant building a gigawatt of batteries Tesla Motors. Then Giga 2 is for Solar cells for Solar City. That 1-2 combo is an amazing feat. Then add Powerwall and really saving money on energy. You can’t go wrong. Heck California has backed up the electrical grid with Tesla branded Energy storage. Yet it’s all Panasonic USA!

Now with the release of the Tesla Semi and the Roadster (not including the Model 3), battery purchases are gong to increase the volume and potentially further reduce the cost of each product.

Then as I wrote, Panasonic USA is making high-efficiency solar panels that make eco more economical!. These solutions already exist independently, but when combined, they become even more powerful. Ah now you’re starting to connect the dots of all this battery, energy storage, Solar and Car connection. They are all interconnected. A combined Tesla and SolarCity will be able to offer customers better and more affordable ways to drive clean cars, use battery packs to consume energy more efficiently, and make use of solar energy.

I’ve always been a fan of Solar you know. I’ve got the book Solar Power for Your Home in my Green Guru Guides. Yet, for two decades, Panasonic USA has been working with city planners, industry leaders and utilities, as well as builders and architects, to revolutionize the solar energy industry. Breakthrough panel materials and system design have led to record-setting efficiency.

That’s good news for the environment in itself, and even better news when you see the related technologies we’re developing alongside it:

Tesla already offers batteries and electric cars, and SolarCity which equals sustainable energy generation. Together, Tesla and SolarCity have introduced an integrated system that illustrates what the companies can do together. This interconnected system is beautiful, customizable, and offers a smart and simple way for people to live sustainably.

Then on Energy Storage, Panasonic’s storage solutions solve issues of excess electricity generated by large-scale renewable energy projects. This combo pack helps meet peak demand on hot days, and when equipment is damaged by storms or suffers mechanical failure. Beyond providers of sustainable energy, traditional power plants can also benefit from our energy storage systems, eliminating the need to build new facilities to handle growing peak demand.

Tesla’s mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy through increasingly affordable electric vehicles and renewable energy generation and storage. At the heart of these products are batteries.

So again let’s connect the dots. The Gigafactory’s electricity will, in part, come from solar. The entire roof of the factory will be covered in solar array. Power not consumed during the day will be stored via Tesla Powerpacks for use when needed.

With the Gigafactory online today and ramping up production, the cost of battery cells for energy storage and electric cars will significantly decline. By bringing down the cost of batteries, Tesla can make products available to masses quicker than any other car company.

So guys, please follow me through CES to be the first to know how Panasonic is revolutionizing the industry. Look for #PanasonicCES #PanasonicMovesUs or #CES2018