James Jaillet

Assistant Community News Editor
Issue date: 12/3/07
Source: The Crimson White Online

With gas prices keeping steady at more than $3 a gallon in November, students’ finances may also continue to feel increased pressure.George Latham, however, said he may have something to help.Latham, owner of the newly founded T-Town Motorsports, said scooters and electric motor-powered bicycles are good alternatives to cars for college students.

“They’re a good, safe, reliable mode of transportation,” he said. “They’re inexpensive to operate, and they pretty much pay for themselves.”

 Scooters may have place on UA campus

Latham said every scooter in his shop gets between 60 and 100 miles-per-gallon of gas. Also, Latham said, everything he sells has an automatic transmission.

T-Town Motorsports opened Nov. 12, the Monday before Thanksgiving. It’s on the corner of Hackberry Lane and 15th Street in the Parkview Shopping Center. Jonathan Lanctot, a sophomore majoring in engineering, said he owns a Honda Metropolitan scooter and uses it around Tuscaloosa. Lanctot said he is from Illinios and doesn’t go home that often, so the scooter works for getting around campus and around town, he said.