First Step Is To Evaluate Bill
Lark Turner, Contributing Writer
UPDATED: 9:51 am CDT July 2, 2008

Utility bills can add up quickly. Taking the time to evaluate your payment plan and survey your energy use can take the pressure off your wallet.

As an added benefit, cutting your electricity costs nearly always helps the environment, too.
First, contact your utility company. Evaluate your bill and make sure you understand how it’s calculated.

Posted Monday, May 28, 2007

In an effort to reduce its energy costs, Harper College recently used an $83,323 grant from the Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation to upgrade the lighting throughout the campus. The grant, in conjunction with $56,000 in matching funds from Harper, allowed the school to retrofit 2,800 interior light fixtures. Thereby making those fixtures more energy efficient.

Harper Physical Plant Director Jim Ma estimates the upgrade, completed in April, will save Harper 148 kilowatts of electrical power a year.