Showerheads from Waterpik that are eco friendly? NICE!

Waterpik Eco friendly showerhead

Waterpik Eco friendly showerheadRecently, I got a call from Waterpik to try their eco friendly showerheads. 

Once I get the showerheads I will report on them but here is the deal:

Water Pik is committed to supporting water conservation efforts. In 2007, Water Pik successfully launched our first EcoFlow® shower head designed to reduce water usage – without sacrificing superior shower performance or styling.

In 2008, we have expanded the EcoFlow product line to offer you even more shower head options designed to conserve water while offering the performance that you’ve come to expect from Water Pik.

All of our EcoFlow products include:

  • Innovative water-saving features
  • Advanced performance for a satisfying shower experience
  • High-style design to fit any bathroom

As soon as I get the showerhead, I’ll let you know what I think.