To begin, Darren Moore is a great architect and celebrity green guy. All from the Alter Eco TV Show on Planet Green.

Recently I had the chance to interview Darren about Project Green Search and his other plans for the future.

Seth: Tell me about what got you interested in Project Green Search; not that it was too difficult to say yes.

Darren moore
Darren Moore

Darren Moore: I became involved in Project Green Search (PGS) through Remy Chevalier who put me in touch with Aysia Wright from the Green Loop.  The idea was so interesting. For it’s an opportunity to give hardworking advocates a medium. A medium to display their pretty faces alongside their knowledge and passion.


The cast of ‘The Green Life’ films at the site of Adrian Grenier’s new soon to be ‘green’ house in Los Angeles, California, on Tuesday, March 25th, 2008.

For I asked:   What got you hooked up with Planet Green for the show?

Then Darren Moore said:    

I was dancing for a living in one of those village people troops, as the construction worker, and someone from planet green spotted me.  They said they wanted to make me into a real construction worker and put me on TV. So that’s the Hollywood version.  Actually, I was a real general contractor running my small operation involved in “green building”.  But, behind all that is a guy who’s travelled the world on a bicycle. In addition, lived abroad in the third world.  Those experiences were part of what I brought to the table when a friend told me about the show and a call for casting on it.  For  I went in for my first audition. Then I was hired after three other visits.

Adrian Grenier

Had to ask about him and Adrian Grenier from entourage and Angela Lindvall (model). Then I wanted to know what are they doing now. All to go green or was it just a big party on camera for them?

Of course Darren said:

We are friends. There were a few parties at Angela’s that we all enjoyed and a couple after the wrap. Adrian and I did some hiking in the Santa Monica Mountains.   We all met up in New York for the premier of Entourage in New York and a fashion show “Be Eco Chic” with Angela that I hosted with her, Boise too.  We’ve had some fun times together.

Adrian just launched and Angela has modeled for some causes, and together they hosted a National Resources Defense Council event. So you can be sure there’s more that I am unaware of. I mean I’m barely able to keep track of myself.

Then I asked did you think the right person was picked for Project Green Search?

So then Darren Moore added that Rachel Avalon had the best name.  She wasn’t my first pick; I thought we needed to bring attention to someone in another region of the US, outside of the Bubble of Los Angeles.  But at the end of the day, region wasn’t what the search was about.  It was about character and in Rachel I see such sincerity.  It was tough to pick just one winner…I would like to see 4 or 5 categories next year.

What are your most favorite things to do when not greening the world?

Darren:  I love biking.  I ride a bicycle just about every day, whether it’s around my neighborhood to and from places…or at my family’s place in Northern California during these past Holidays to get some exercise and revisit my old neighborhood.  I brought my folding bike up for that trip.  I also love to travel.  I haven’t done much as there has been little time for it, but I hope to spend some months south of the equator next year.  I’d like to do it on my bike.

So what’s your next move?  Any new plans?  

I have some plans, but nothing concrete enough to talk about.  I’m staying open to new ideas and am working on a couple that haven’t hatched yet.

Any last bit of green advice for the readers?  

Now that most readers have already “gone green”, I would suggest writing to your congressman.  Ask them what specific plans they have for the future and what policies they are working on to incentive further changes.   If they hear from you, we are more likely to see change in government policy that will produce major shifts leading to mainstream adoption.

For Example:  If the government gave free loans to homeowners, building owners and tenants so they could have their buildings retrofitted to save money every month (while saving energy= green thing to do) we could basically create massive amounts of jobs and get people comfortable and safe in their homes/offices while saving money and getting people back to work.   Sounds good to me…if it sounds good to you, call your congress person and let them know, give them your ideas!

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