Recently my colleague John Voelker over at Green Car Reports wrote a story about why he and some fancy report thought that people buy hybrid electric cars if more car companies offer electric cars and prices come down then we’ll see it’s not about being seen.  It’s about trying to do the right thing which is moving our transportation sector to all electric.    People that buy the technologies do that because they are early adopters.  However, I can tell you that most of these electric cars that come out (except for the Tesla Roadster) have not originally been the sexiest.  Does anyone remember the first generation Toyota Prius or the THINK City in 2001?

However, here is the thing: I have worked with hundreds of early adopters of pure electric cars over the years and electric cars recoup the most but the way the car companies build these hybrid electric cars so as not to be as cost-effective as it really could be is an issue for the Toyota Prius to expand upon year over year.  This happens to all new technologies. 

People buy electric cars or hybrids or plug in hybrid electric vehicles(PHEVs) because it’s more about doing the right thing and making a public statement than the product itself.  Look at the bumper stickers on people’s hybrids.  You’ll tell where they stand politically,,not what they wish to think but what they think. 

Once car companies offer the free market electric cars, they want them. They can only pretty much get the hybrids except now with Tesla and the Nissan Leaf but limited market participation. The free market usually does not prevail on electric cars.  Price subsidies for oil vs electric…common you know what I mean. Battery prices for lithium-ion technology, controllers like the AC Propulsion system will come down in price once we build the technologies in the United States and become the world leader on this new transportation era. More on Electric Vehicles From The Green Living Guy Return of The Electric Car Why the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid is More EV Than Hybrid? More from The Green Living Guy: 1. Build Your Own Electric Vehicle by Seth Leitman and Bob Brandt 2. Build Your Own Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle by Seth Leitman 3. Build Your Own Electric Motorcycle by Carl Vogel

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