At The Heart of Green Awards 2010, Ted Danson won a Lifetime Achievement award for his efforts to protect our oceans.  Today this story and our interview (while fun and quick was very informative and to the point.  Fortunately back then, we were the night prior to the oil spill.  How appropriate.

While I have thought about our oceans and the need to stop using fossil fuels because we love our trucks.  Look, I the Green Living Guy won’t take your truck.  I just want to make it more efficient and more electric.  Is that a problem that I want to save you money?  I would hope not.  In fact, I want to create a job in the United States that would make it more sustainable and cost-effective to make in the here in the US.  While I want to work with Germany and France and other countries, we the United States are always, always the innovators combined with other great countries.  That’s what makes US America.  Most of this kind of discourse was also discussed with Ted.

Enjoy the interview with Ted Danson about protecting our oceans, click here for the link.  Also, you can hear all my other shows at

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