This book is the newest to the Guides to help you with green living.  Solar Power For Your Home is great to save energy. For it features a step-by-step instruction manual and useful photos and illustrations.

This hands-on guide is filled with solar energy, green living solutions. Those you can put to use right away.

That is why Solar Power for Your Home shows you how to set up a variety of simple, money-saving solar projects quickly and easily. For example a solar water heater. Also a solar pool pump, solar lighting, a solar oven. Finally and the ever more popular solar-powered lawn mower!

Solar Power For Your Home

Solar Power For Your Home is part of my series of books. For in this book you will learn all about the different types of solar technologies.  They include passive solar, photovoltaic and also determining which best suits your projects. You’ll get details on assessing current energy use in your home, estimating the costs of solar installations, and calculating your overall savings. Reduce your carbon footprint–and your energy costs–with help from this practical resource.

Solar Power for Your Home covers:

This includes the history, benefits, and potential detriments of solar energy.

In addition to the fundamentals of solar technologies. That’s from passive solar, photovoltaic to concentrating solar energy.

Then we talk about evaluating home electricity consumption and creating a personal energy plan.

Then we follow up with how and when to contract your solar project. 

Furthermore, we discussed emerging technologies. That’s like thin film, nano, and hybrid solar and solar storage. 

Then we round out the project with funding options. For that’s including rebates, incentives, and grants.

Finally, we end with standards, conversions, and helpful resources.

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  1. Cool cover! Looking forward to adding it to The Aquarium collection. Let us know when the author plans to be in the Westport, Connecticut area.

  2. Hey Seth- this looks great! Would love to review it and share it and do giveaway for it on my blog if I can get a copy…Heather

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