The following EV commitments were announced today:
Electric Drive Transportation Association
Plug-In Electric Vehicle (PEV) Acceleration Initiative
The Electric Drive Transportation Association commits to launch the Plug-in Electric Vehicles Acceleration Initiative, which will develop market incentives, supportive regulation, and profitable business models that will stimulate mass market acceptance of electric cars.
GreenTech Automotive
Creating Jobs in the Green, Affordable Vehicle Field
Greentech Automotive will invest $1 billion to build manufacturing plants in Mississippi and Virginia, and will sell 100,000 electric vehicles for less than $10,000 each. This will create thousands of green jobs and make energy efficient vehicles affordable to average consumers.
Hertz Corporation and Jack D. Hidary Foundation
Hertz Global EV
The Hertz Corporation and the Hidary Foundation commit to launch a global electric vehicle rental and car-sharing service, which will include cars from Nissan and Toyota among others. The service is working with automakers and retail partners to install charging infrastructure in urban centers in order to address one of the primary challenges to electric vehicle adoption.
Innovation Center for Energy and Transportation
Supporting Low Carbon Transportation in China
The Innovation Center for Energy and Transportation commits to help China realize its greenhouse gas intensity targets by introducing aggressive fuel economy standards, training for government officials, and methods to calculate and reduce carbon emissions.