explore.org, the multi-media division of The Annenberg Foundation has joined forces with The Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation to support the environmental programs of the 2010 All At Once non-profit partners.

Through the “Capture Your Commitment” movement, people are urged to take environmental action by starting with a personal commitment.  Inside a photo booth in the Village Green at Jack Johnson’s concerts, and online.  Once there, you will be able to choose on the Foundation website what programs you want to commit your dollars.  For example, from supporting sustainable food systems, reusing and recycling, to volunteering monthly with their local nonprofits.

Commitments and photos are posted online with pledges quantified in real numbers; illustrating Jack Johnson’s vision, “an individual action, multiplied by millions, creates global change.”

Capture Your Commitment keeps in the spirit of explore.org’s mission to champion the selfless acts of others, and never stop learning.  To date, members have made the following commitments on the 2010 tour:

Help them out!!!!

Food Miles Saved:                               37,787,680
Shopping Bags Saved:                        234,577
Water Bottles Saved:                           133,331
Volunteer Hours:                                  14,220
Sustainable Spending Dollars:            $6,909,526.00 million

“Music has always been a significant vehicle for change, but Jack Johnson is taking that notion to a new level,” said Charlie Annenberg Weingarten.  “His ability to support so many groups simultaneously, while developing easy channels for fans to get involved, is giving the entire music industry a new, more sophisticated philanthropic model.”

What was really cool to hear about with Jack Johnson and his new album called To The Sea, on his Brushfire Records label; and Jack will once again donate 100% of his To the Sea tour profits to charity. To The Sea was recorded in a solar-powered studio owned by Jack.  It was also released in eco-friendly packaging.

His wants to have a world tour continuing to lead in sustainable touring.  His efforts to reduce his environmental impact on the globe is huge; so Go Jack Go!! Go Jack Go!!

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