No kidding aside, the Pharox led bulb is a smart buy.

It’s a replacement of existing light bulbs and saves energy while making the light as white or soft as an incandescent lamp.  Best is use save 90% on energy costs even vs a CFL.

The Pharox 300 is even dimmable and will last close to 25 years!

That’s not just a good deal for consumers, but also for our planet.

Warner Philips recently explained to be that Lemnis Lighting develops the Pharox line of led lamps from the same concept I believe in which is you should not compromise quality and cost for getting amazing technology.  Why do I say that?  We are talking bulbs in the $30 range vs $60-$70 range.

Why led lighting?

19 percent of the energy consumption worldwide is used for lighting. Keeping in mind that most of this energy is converted not into light but into heat, Lemnis Lighting has developed the Pharox led-lamp as a replacement for incandescent and CFL bulbs. Compared to an incandescent, the Pharox enables huge energy savings, while displaying none of the drawbacks of CFL bulbs: The Pharox led-lamp gives off warm white light, does not contain mercury, doesn’t flicker and switches on immediately.

Now recognize this is just their bulb and this doesn’t even include the other LED products they have which include outdoor lighting, solar lighting and greenhouses.  I’m thinking of the intro to the AC/DC song For Those About To Rock!  Fire!  We salute you!!!  It’s like LEDs salute the green economy worldwide and can really save our economy.


Simply put we spend so much on energy.  It’s not even priced into GDP costs but it is based on a time when energy costs didn’t matter.  Therefore, the mechanism to measure economic growth is flawed.  Whereas, the energy savings from LEDs is concrete.  It’s concrete drops in energy costs, expenditures and keeping the utility from switching off your lights.

LEDs will help you one bulb at a time reduce your energy costs.  I know it costs money but check this out.  Pharox is doing is cheaper than the big boy companies and they mean business.  They were given as presents to Google employees a while ago so expect great things from this company quick.

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  1. LED lighting is awesome. It is definitely a way to help go green and help the environment. These type of lights also look really awesome.

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