So here’s the deal.  I met a person in LA that introduced me to Elizabeth TenHouten who is similar to my friend Gayle from Gayle Speaks.  TenHouten has got some skills!  For starters, she is the Editor-in-Chief of Celeb Life Magazine and has a monthly column in Beverly Hills Times Magazine titled, “Natural Beauty with Elizabeth TenHouten”. She is also a huge animal activist and is involved with many charities.

TenHouten’s practical beauty tips and expert advice regularly appear on television, online and in national publications, including Health, Natural Solutions, Natural Health Magazine, Working Mother, SobeFIT, Star Lee Magazine, Your Health Connection, Relate Magazine, Discovery Channel’s Planet Green, Vital Juice Daily, Young Hollywood and Us Weekly, to name a few.

About Cooking Well: Beautiful Skin – Good Mine Sucks Or Why I should care??
Thousands of skincare products promise beautiful skin without providing real results, and it’s time for a practical and effective way of achieving healthier skin. Cooking Well: Beautiful Skin harnesses the scientifically proven benefits of antioxidants for skin health, providing you with the tools necessary for achieving glowing, radiant skin from the inside out.

Antioxidants have been proven to effectively counteract free-radicals, or chemicals in the body responsible for the effects of aging. Increasing your intake of antioxidants better prepares your skin cells for fighting off free-radicals found in your every-day environment, including ultraviolet radiation and airborne pollutants.

Beauty and health are synonymous. It only makes sense that what you put in your body affects your outer appearance. In Cooking Well: Beautiful Skin, author and skincare/beauty expert Elizabeth TenHouten provides delicious and easy to follow recipes to achieve beautiful and radiant skin from the inside out.
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