The EcoBoost truck engine from Ford Motor Company was deemed a success for fuel economy.

The race truck was recently in the Tecata SCORE Baja 100 and held 65 gallons of fuel, with the strategy to carry about 30 gallons of fuel during a given stint to save weight and to save time during fuel stops. The EcoBoost race truck ran the entire race on regular fuel, unlike other competitors who used more expensive specially blended fuels.

EcoBoost is fundamental to Ford’s strategy to provide technologically advanced, high-output, smaller-displacement powertrains that deliver uncompromised performance and fuel economy.

EcoBoost engines deliver fuel economy gains of up to 20 percent and reduction of CO2 emissions of up to 15 percent, compared with larger, less-efficient engines.  In addition to turbocharging with direct injection, Ford engineers have enhanced EcoBoost’s technology capabilities by adding variable valve timing and precisely controlling all aspects of the engine.

Ford has at least 125 patents on its EcoBoost technology.

Source: Ford Motor Company

High-tech features in a stock engine 

The EcoBoost hero engine was installed in an F-150 race truck for the Baja challenge after several other real-world demonstrations of the new truck engine’s durability and performance. It has racked up the equivalent of more than 160,000 miles.

While racing is action-packed and exciting, it serves a very real purpose for our engineers to learn about vehicle and engine performance that directly benefits our customers,” said Cliff Irey, Ford Truck Motorsports program manager. “The Baja 1000 is no different. In those 30 hours we learned a tremendous amount about the durability of this new F-150 engine, the EcoBoost. And we’re delighted to report that the EcoBoost engine showed it was up to this test.”

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