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“Do you see any other car out there or truck that has a gas [petrol] driven name?” says Seth Leitman, author of Build Your Own Electric Vehicle.Toyota plugin hybrid EV

He doesn’t believe most car manufacturers have really got to grips with how to sell an electric car. Waiting lists for new models are soon oversubscribed but they are in the thousands, and maker must think in the millions.

“They are in a situation of not knowing how to market a car,” says Leitman. “They should create cars that people want. They need to be calling them sexy things and doing the things they do with a regular car.”

“Some people like pick-ups, some like SUVs, once they start to become more integrated into the brands, once Ford and Toyota make a hybrid version of every car, more and more society will transition away from oil and toward electric,” says Leitman.

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