Here is an excerpt from another great review of the Green Lighting book I did for the Green Guru Guides.

The subject of green lighting seems to be riddled with endless choices and caveats. Take lightbulbs: We all know that traditional “Edison” bulbs are horribly inefficient. Ever touched one that’s been on for a while? All that heat is doing nothing but permeating your indoor air.

We’re supposed to switch to CFLs, but they have mercury, and we all know mercury is bad (as in maybe deadly). CFLs can’t be recycled easily, and if a bulb happens to smash on the floor, you’ve got mercury to clean up.

Green Lighting

Lately we’ve been hearing that LEDs are best. However, they’re expensive, and the quality of the light is sometimes so-so. Improvements are happening rapidly, new products are coming, but bottom line: “they aren’t ‘there’ yet.”  What does “there” look like? And when do we arrive?!

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