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Recently there has been so much talk about Green Lighting that people forget there is a book about that topic which I co-authored with McGraw-Hill.  That is fine if it expands the discourse.  However, I find it sometimes disturbing when people take the idea, run with it and do not give reference to the book.  Sustainablog did not do that.  They reviewed the book and gave it proper recognition.  Thank you for doing that since it’s hard enough in these though times to get a book out to the public.

Here is an excerpt of the review:

Change you light bulbs to CFLs… how many times have you heard that one? To be honest, I’m a little bored with it… I mean, doesn’t everyone already know that?

My boredom’s probably a good sign, though… if those of us who follow these issues daily find tactics like changing bulbs “old hat,” then they’re probably really starting to catch on among the broader population. And let’s face it: making changes in your lighting, whether at home or work, is an easy, effective to way to start getting a handle on your energy use, utility bills, and carbon emissions.

So, the folks at McGraw-Hill Professional likely timed the release of their new book Green Lighting: How Energy-Efficient Lighting Can Save You Energy and Money and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint just right (affiliate link). Written by Brian Clark Howard (of The Daily Green), William J. Brinsky (of Envirolite Systems) and “green living guy” Seth Leitman, the book’s a veritable Bible on understanding and implementing energy-efficient lighting approaches at the home and/or office.

For the entire review, please visit Sustainablog.

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