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Columbia Forest Products introduces their new MPX™ hardwood plywood, answering the call for a smoother veneer core panel for customers in western and central North America. MPX is the newest core innovation from Columbia’s Klamath Falls, Oregon facility, and features the company’s EPA award-winning PureBond® formaldehyde-free technology.

The secret to the MPX panel is the incorporation of domestic hardwood yellow poplar crossbands under the decorative face and back veneer. These poplar crossbands, which are produced in Columbia’s east coast operations with state-of-the-art Meinan lathe technology, make this panel the “smoothest all-wood core in the west,” according to Ed Woods, Columbia’s Vice President of Western Operations.

In 1999, Columbia’s Klamath Falls, Oregon, plant began producing its plywood using logs harvested from Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC®) certified forestland. Today, all of Columbia’s plywood and veneer mills hold FSC® chain of custody certified by SmartWood, a not-for-profit subsidiary of the Rain Forest Alliance. By buying products with an FSC label you are supporting the growth of responsible forest management worldwide.

“Traditionally, western hardwood plywood producers have built their veneer core panels with softwoods like fir and pine, since that’s what’s readily available. These species make a fine panel, but they can telegraph core irregularities right through the face veneer, which can invite trouble and inconsistency when finishing. Because of that, our western customers have always asked for a better-finishing panel,” said Woods.

Columbia Forest Products relies on the vitality of North American timber resources, so naturally we are committed to responsible forestry practices, including third-party certification, maintaining a forestry management team and supporting sustainable forestry.“Our new MPX solution is a great example of the way Columbia can share technologies, capabilities, and materials across our North American network of mills,” said Woods. “With MPX, we’re coming through with a dramatic improvement at a price that’s competitive in the market.”

On top of that, standard MPX veneer core construction also features Columbia’s EPA award-winning, soy-based PureBond® formaldehyde-free technology.

MPX panels with yellow poplar crossbands are available as a standard with A and B rotary face veneers and with C-grade faces when specified. This applies to all 3/4″ and 1″ thick veneer core panels from Columbia’s Klamath Falls, Oregon mill.

MPX is also provided on all prefinished veneer core panels, which include C-grade Birch and Maple faces.

Applications for MPX include standard parts within cabinet, furniture and fixtures, and parts with high visibility requirements like exposed side panels.

Green Cabinets Made with the PureBond technology.Fabricators working with MPX panels should experience less “fall-down” or scrap, as well as fewer reworks and callbacks. They should also enjoy the benefits of better-looking finished goods, including improved customer satisfaction and stronger referrals.

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