Paradigm Group (,  a leader in environmentally friendly office, break room and disposable products for businesses, announces that its Emerald Brand tree free paper products have received a rating of “Environmentally Improved” from Canopy – a leading advocacy group for sustainable paper products in North America.  Emerald’s tree free tissues are the first of their kind in Canopy’s database of environmentally preferable paper products available in the North American marketplace.

Canopy ( is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of wild places, working with the business community and public to create a sustainable supply chain.  The organization leverages market power and drives demand for green paper products by shifting heavy paper consuming sectors away from unsustainable 100% Tree Free TP!

Canopy works primarily with the book, newspaper, magazine and print industries to phase out use of endangered forests and toxic bleaches in paper-making.   

“Canopy’s rating reflects our tireless commitment to improving our product while protecting our forests,” said Ralph Bianculli, Jr., director of Paradigm Group.  “It’s an honor to be recognized by this organization, as we work toward the common goal of creating a more environmentally-friendly marketplace.”

The Emerald Brand is the cornerstone of Paradigm Group’s larger cost-neutral conversion initiative, which allows businesses such as hotels, restaurants, corporate offices and educational institutions, among others, to purchase green products for the same or less than what they are paying for non-green alternatives.  Emerald tree-free products are less expensive than their traditional counterparts because they’re made from bagasse – or sugar cane pulp – which is a cost effective alternative to traditional materials.  Bagasse is a reclaimed material that is typically burned instead of used, creating unwanted pollutant gases. 

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