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With gas prices on the rise, the interest around fuel efficiency and hybrid vehicle options are top of mind for potential car buyers. 

Recent industry studies show that certain hybrid models provide car buyers with much more bang for their buck, and the Ford Fusion Hybrid and Ford Escape Hybrid are at the top of those lists, demonstrating the best return on investment compared to competitors. listed the Ford Escape Hybrid and the Ford Fusion Hybrid as class leaders for best monthly fuel cost in the publication’s annual best and worst monthly fuel cost estimates analysis. The hybrid versions of both vehicles led the pack for best monthly fuel costs, with consumers paying more than $100 less for fuel per month, compared to competing vehicles.

Additional ways in which Ford hybrids achieve fuel economy improvements include:

·         Second-generation Ford hybrid vehicles improve performance by modifying components like inventers, to increase efficiency of electric components to more than 90 percent.

·         An electric compressor is used for climate control systems, to optimize energy use, and

·         Ford Fusion Hybrid has an added boost converter, which instantaneously provides power when needed – for acceleration – but doesn’t carry this power in the battery at all times, improving overall fuel efficiency.

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