I love when I get readers who get inspired by others stories.  This reader recently sent me a story based on their own retrofit to energy efficiency.  The best was they appreciated how the national preservation component is acceptable to energy efficiency it works even better.

Best of all, it’s exactly what I am doing too!  You see I own an old home and am slowly renovating it to be as green as possible.

Here is Matt’s letter:

I just read your post “Sustainable Kitchens and Energy Efficiency Home seminars for free” and wanted to contact you about our similar initiative “Old is the New Green” spearheaded by Old House Web Green Renovation Expert Matt Grocoff.  As a creative response to the challenge of old home preservation and sustainability, Matt Grocoff and his family are restoring their 110 year old Folk-Victorian home in the greenest way possible – they’re making it energy neutral.

Old House Web, in honor of National Preservation Month has partnered with Grocoff and GreenovationTV.com to highlight innovative and practical green design and preservation techniques for America’s homes. Beginning in May, Old House Web will publish a series of articles and videos based upon Grocoff’s experiences restoring his Victorian home.  To learn more, visit the Old House Web or read Matt’s follow up blog post “10 Steps to Eliminating the Negative Environmental Impact of Your Old House.”

Restoring America’s old homes is not just about preserving history, but also about protecting our future. Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to get in contact with Matt.

Thanks so much,
Maureen Porter

Thank you Maureen and Matt Grocoff!!  Keep on that for historic preservation.  Not even the federally owned landmarks but the privately owned too!

Energy efficiency only saves money for these budget lines of our taxpayer dollars.  If the government funded historic preservation locations to be more efficient. 

The US Navy spent $4 million on Energy Star Computers and saved $40 million in energy bills annually. 

We will save money as taxpayers!

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